Air France & PIA planes Touch Wings at CYYZ

Can you believe passenger had no clue this happened until after they disembarked

From The Article
"Two airplanes at Toronto Pearson International Airport collided wings on Tuesday evening. An airport spokesperson told Global News an Air France Plane was stationary at Terminal 3 when a taxiing Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane made “light contact” around 6 p.m. ET"



Would have been scary for the passengers

I think there needs to be a News category or something like that where people can report news to do with aviation.😎🇦🇺

I agree, I mean I guess that’s why real world aviation but I agree with you that there should be like a “breaking news” or “news” category. But I can also see people abusing it and posting about how they got to grade 4.

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Whoa! That’s scary! They were lucky that day!

Once again planes never learn they cant hold hands um er wingtips! But on a serious note, I bet it was scary for the passengers and embarrassing for the pilots

How is this “scary” or “lucky”? The planes barely clipped wings when the PIA jet pulled into the gate. The thing I don’t understand is why the PIA disembarkation was delayed 3 hours. Personally, I would have been pissed, not scared.


people on board did not feel it, which is why I like this post, shows how aircraft are safe and comfortable for most commuter jets are. People probably thought it was a bump on the tarmac

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Wow! Thank God nothing serious happened. The Ground staff and Pilots must be more careful to avoid such accidents in the future. Feel bad for the passengers who had to wait for 3 odd hours for their luggage!

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