Air France Original Livery or Skyteam Livery? (B77W)

Do you prefer Air France Livery or Skyteam (Air France’s) Livery in B77W?

  • Air France Original Livery
  • Air France Skyteam Livery

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Air France original Livery

Air France Skyteam Livery

Comment what you think about it! ;)
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Skyteam. The new AF livery is decent, but I don’t like it that much. Thus, Skyteam wins. The previous AF livery looked better than both options however.

@AF330 might be of interest to you.

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Both. Can’t choose

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I say keep the Skyteam, but remove the Air France Logo, and Registration, and have a seperate Air France 777


I’ve liked this plans alott

The normal livery for air France looks so plain and that’s why I prefer the sky team livery.


50/50 currently. Skyteam livery is more modern.


I’m totally agree with this one

I’m with the Skyteam aircraft. I like the silver/grey colour.

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Wow… 49% And 51%. What a Tight Standing

I am really suprised to see the results…
You guys prefer the Air France SkyTeam livery?!

I prefer Air France’s livery. Clean, simple and modern.


I like it too :)

I liked the Air France livery before the design change.

The Original one already surpassed the SkyTeam Livery

I like the original one tho. Though I like the old livery tho

Doesn’t really matter all skyteam liverys look the same. I like the orginal one