Air France nonstop from Paris to Athens!

The date of this flight report is June 27th, 1998. It was flown on the expert server.

Today I am flying aboard this Air France 767-300 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Athens. Registered F-GHGI, this aircraft joined the Air France fleet in May of 1993. I am flying in economy class, with another friend up in first class. It’s a shame he spent all his money on first class round trip tickets instead of at the actual destination, but I digress.

There was a 2 hour delay at the terminal due to a staffing issue, so I ended up falling asleep and not getting any pictures. Sorry! However, I woke up just as we were about to takeoff and captured this awesome shot leaving Paris.

Before I knew it we were at our cruise altitude of 39,000 feet. My friend and I also took in the scenery of the Swiss Alps! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Cruising near the coast of Croatia. Cold drinks and a Hot lunch meal were served and absolutely devoured. 10/10 on the food, well done Air France!

Shortly after lunch was served I saw this Lufthansa A330 cruising just 1,000 feet above! (Yes, I understand it’s an a350 but just pretend it’s an a330 for the sake of a somewhat realistic timeline.)

Athens here we come!

Some plane spotters snapped a picture of us right as were were about to touchdown!

A pretty smooth landing from the pilot. He was pretty hard on the brakes though. 8/10 overall.

We arrived at the gate and saw this Delta B772 getting ready to depart for New York.

My friend and I were among the last to leave the aircraft, just soaking in the surroundings. Finally, as we left I thought to myself and took this photo to remember for the photo album. Goodbye Air France, and hello Athens!

I really hope you all liked this trip report. It’s my first ever one, and wanted it to be a route I’ve never done. Also, don’t forget to tell me which picture is your favorite! Bye for now, and soft landings to all.

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Hey these are some really nice pictures but you need to have no more than 10 pictures on #screenshots-and-videos.

Oh… I didn’t know. I guess i’ll delete a couple.

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I liked this!

Really nice photos 😍 would like to see a 767 rework make its way in the future