Air France-KLM Wants To Buy 49% Of Malaysia Airlines

Pretty interesting… if this goes through, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Malaysia Airlines will leave Oneworld, which would be another hit to the alliance.

For context, the Malaysian government has been considering shutting down or selling Malaysian Airlines following a few unfortunate events.

Air France-KLM isn’t the only airline to propose a stake in Malaysian Airlines as Japan Airlines has offered a 25% stake. The Japan Airlines and Malaysian Airlines currently have a joint venture for destinations between Japan and Malaysia.

Additionally, domestic carrier AirAsia Group Bhd and Malindo Air, the Malaysian arm of Indonesia’s Lion Air, have also submitted proposals.



Interesting…, let’s see how Malaysian Airlines will respond🧐

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I feel like the airline has potential but under the current brand can’t really grow and move away from its 2014 shadow. It could work as a hub.

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Oneworld is falling apart. First LATAM and now Malaysian. Meanwhile Delta, AFKLM and the boys are picking them up 😂

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This doesn’t surprise me at all. Malaysia Airlines has always had a tight relationship with KLM and doing so will add an extra skyteam hub in South East Asia. All the best to them.

Huh! Will be interesting to see where this goes - they are an excellent airline - with the best satay chicken in the air 😍😋😋

Definitely interesting.

Malaysia and Netherlands have Long-lasting relationships as Long as I can remember. I hope that this could potentially help Malaysia Airlines get out of the current state they used to be in (now its a bit better)

Let’s see how this goes. We should be expecting some progress as time passes!

Wait are KLM and Airfrance owned by the same company? I thought they just did codeshare!

Yep, it’s AFKLM group. Sort of like IAG.

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I think this will be good… in fact, hoping for it to happen. Malaysian can reach its full potential and Kuala Lumpur can also become a major gateway next to Singapore.

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Front runners are AirAsia and Japan Airlines. The bid will be decided in April.

JAL can also work here. It’ll enable the two partners to strengthen ties within Oneworld, considering that MAS is the only Oneworld airline in ASEAN.

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Let’s see what this turns out into…

Definitely, that’s one of the reasons why I have been living in Malaysia for the past few years.

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