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[Fall 2018 Schedule] Destination Saturdays – Season Three – The Far East

First we took Europe and the Middle East by storm. Then we traversed above Southeast Asia, the Australian Outback, and the remote islands of Oceania. Now, ladies and gentlemen, for our next adventure: we set our sights on the majestic Orient! Get ready for a fun mix of short- and medium-haul flights (passenger and cargo) across one of the most ancient and beautiful corners of the globe.

AF-KLM Virtual is pround to present Destination Saturdays, Season 3: The Far East.

Vol. 24: Manila
Date: Sat., Sep. 15
Departure Airport: PGUM
Arrival Airport: RPLL
Flight Time: 3hr 13min
Air Frame: B77W
SkyTeam Livery: China Airlines

Vol. 25: Hong Kong
Date: Sat., Sep. 22
Departure Airport: RPLL
Arrival Airport: VHHH
Flight Time: 1hr 37min
Air Frame: B787-8
SkyTeam Livery: Xiamen Air

Vol. 26: Guiyang
Date: Sat., Sep. 29
Departure Airport: VHHH
Arrival Airport: ZUGY
Flight Time: 2hr 4min
Air Frame: B772F
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern Cargo

Vol. 27: Shanghai
Date: Sat., Oct. 6
Departure Airport: ZUGY
Arrival Airport: ZSPD
Flight Time: 1hr 17min
Air Frame: B772F
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern Cargo

Vol. 28: Beijing
Date: Sat., Oct. 13
Departure Airport: ZSPD
Arrival Airport: ZBAA
Flight Time: 1hr 46min
Air Frame: B787-8
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern

Vol. 29: Seoul
Date: Sat., Oct. 20
Departure Airport: ZBAA
Arrival Airport: RKSI
Flight Time: 1hr 19min
Air Frame: B739
SkyTeam Livery: Korean Air

Vol. 30: Tokyo
Date: Sat., Oct. 27
Departure Airport: RKSI
Arrival Airport: RJTT
Flight Time: 1hr 44min
Air Frame: DC-10 / MD-11
SkyTeam Livery: Air France I KLM I Delta

Send us your suggestions via the comments for destinations you’d like to visit in Season 4: The Americas!

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Discord or slack?

We use slack @Sasquatch

Hi! Are you still active? I did my application but I am not sure if you receive it, I got a strange screen after my application on my IPad. 😊

Does KLM still fly the 747 from gate e6 to tncm? I dont know the gate at tncm but I know it always flys or flew from gate e6 at amsterdam and was always a 747.

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Nvm I just checked and yall do so i will apply and if I get i no will do that flight at least once a month around my time I need with swv fdxv and other stuff.


Hi, I’ve applied to your VA. I see the thriller, all the sections of your website and it was so nice, I applied for pilot and atc. (don’t know if I’ll be accepted 😬😬😨)
I wish I will.
Good evening.( it’s 20:28 for me)


Hello there!

We are so happy to hear that you have decided to apply to AF-KLM VA. We will review your application and let you know as soon as possible our response!

Can’t wait to see you in the Skies!



Due to a lot of internal focus! We were unable to respond to you as quickly. But to answer your question. Yes we are active!

As for your application, we will let you know through PM as soon as we can!

   Hope to see you in the skies!

@Nono45_FR good luck on your application exam! The minimum passing score is 80%, although you have the option to re-take the test if you do not meet this benchmark the first time.

@HadenJohnson glad to hear that you are a fan of that route. I love it too! A few of us did an overnight to TNCM just this week actually, although we flew from LFPG. Hope to see you in AFKLM soon!

AFKLM VA President


I applied. Could you check the application?

We have your application but unfortunately you didnt pass the test. The score is given at the end of the exam and entrance requirement is to have a score of 27. We have an open exam that you can take as many times as necessary to pass but if you dont pass the first time you should review the tutorials page here on the IFC.

Roger doger mr usa

Thank you but I allready fly with you lol

@MishaCamp hi! This is the old thread. Kindly close when ready. Thanks!

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