Air France - KLM Virtual Group Official Thread

Best of luck! @Sam_Jacobs1 I am sure you’ll carry the VA on with the most prowess.

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Thanks a lot Cameron!


An update from Air France - KLM Virtual Group

Today, we announce the 3rd edition of our newsletter!

The purpose of this newsletter is to update everyone on the special events and happenings that have occurred in the VA over the last two weeks! We like everyone here to be informed about whats going on with us as we feel everyone deserves to be part of the AF-KLM spirit.

To view our 3rd edition, please go to the bottom of our website to download and view the file!

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and hope you stay up to date on everything that is going on!

On a side note…

Just a reminder that applications for HR Manager and Flight Manager close today at 2000z. If you wish to apply, please see the previous post for more detailed information and instructions on how to apply!

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Management


An update from Air France - KLM Virtual Group

The time has come to reveal the newest staff members at Air France - KLM Virtual Group…

Due to the high number of great applications, it made it very hard for us to decide on who we think would suit the role best. Each application had their strengths but we finally agreed and the results are as follows;

HR Manager

Congratulations to Luke Around @Luke_Around for becoming the next HR Manager! Luke is one of our Leading Commanders and has been a pilot with us for a very long time! There has never been a day where he has been inactive, and he is always keen to fly with and support others! We know he will do brilliant at this job and we look forward to working with him!

Flight Manager

Congratulations to Nelson Tran @nxllson for becoming the next Flight Manager! Right from his application, we could tell that he spent a long time writing it, putting in as much detail as possible and giving us an idea of what he’s capable of. Nelson has also been with us for a long time, and he is very experienced in flight logging and knows how to do it to the best standard, and we can’t wait for him to show us what he can do!

Commiserations to everyone else but thank you for your submissions!

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Management


Good night, I’m new on IF and IFC and I want join the VA, I apply on the website but I’m not sure if someone read it



AF-KLM Virtual Announces Summer 2018 Schedule for Destination Saturdays – Oceania Leg

We started in the City of Lights. Then off to the Netherlands, the home of Big Ben, and the land of the Irish. Our hop down to the Portuguese coastal city of Lisbon was followed by harrowing approaches in Madeira and Gibraltar. We visited the international “jet set” in Monaco, the mountainous town Innsbruck, the Italian isle of Sicily, the Birthplace of Humanity, and the land of the Pharaohs, all before making our way across the Middle East on our way to the Taj Mahal. From Asia’s “Sin City,” and the world-class Singapore, we made our way Down Under, across the Indian Ocean to Perth. And now, our journey continues as we kick-off Summer 2018 with the Oceania Leg of our world tour.

Join us every other Saturday this Summer as we visit the the most iconic destinations and challenging approaches throughout Australia and New Zealand! AF-KLM is happy to announce its Summer 2018 Schedule:

Destination Saturdays – Summer 2018 Schedule:*
Vol. 18: Melbourne – 26/05/2018
Vol. 19: Queenstown – 09/06/2018
Vol. 20: Auckland – 23/06/2018
Vol. 21: Sydney – 07/07/2018
Vol. 22: Cairns – 21/07/2018

*All times 1700z unless otherwise noted

We are not stopping there! More destinations are on our horizon as we continue up through the Far East, across the Atlantic, through the Americas, and beyond. Leave a comment to suggest a Destination and we will do our best to incorporate it into our tour.

Happy flying!


i love to join where is the application form

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Might want to give the post at the top a thorough read as it contains a lot of information and also links to the application form.

Application form is in the ‘join’ tab on the website which is here:


I made the test and got 26/30. When should I expect to get the sertification?

When they reach out to you. Then you will know that you are apart of the airline.

i applied 4 days ao still no answer?

Hi Finnairer, have you already joined our Slack and how long has it been since you’ve completed this test?

Im already in!

la 8. syysk. 2018 klo 3.20 nxllson kirjoitti:

hey @Kyle_D i see that you have applied for the VA, but have you attained the minimum score needed to pass ?.. cause that is what i required to enter the VA

I dont know, i was over 50% for sure

That’s not what is mentioned on the form budd… I do believe the instructions were clear…
For further queries, please DM one the staffs. @Kyle_D


[Fall 2018 Schedule] Destination Saturdays – Season Three – The Far East

First we took Europe and the Middle East by storm. Then we traversed above Southeast Asia, the Australian Outback, and the remote islands of Oceania. Now, ladies and gentlemen, for our next adventure: we set our sights on the majestic Orient! Get ready for a fun mix of short- and medium-haul flights (passenger and cargo) across one of the most ancient and beautiful corners of the globe.

AF-KLM Virtual is pround to present Destination Saturdays, Season 3: The Far East.

Vol. 24: Manila
Date: Sat., Sep. 15
Departure Airport: PGUM
Arrival Airport: RPLL
Flight Time: 3hr 13min
Air Frame: B77W
SkyTeam Livery: China Airlines

Vol. 25: Hong Kong
Date: Sat., Sep. 22
Departure Airport: RPLL
Arrival Airport: VHHH
Flight Time: 1hr 37min
Air Frame: B787-8
SkyTeam Livery: Xiamen Air

Vol. 26: Guiyang
Date: Sat., Sep. 29
Departure Airport: VHHH
Arrival Airport: ZUGY
Flight Time: 2hr 4min
Air Frame: B772F
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern Cargo

Vol. 27: Shanghai
Date: Sat., Oct. 6
Departure Airport: ZUGY
Arrival Airport: ZSPD
Flight Time: 1hr 17min
Air Frame: B772F
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern Cargo

Vol. 28: Beijing
Date: Sat., Oct. 13
Departure Airport: ZSPD
Arrival Airport: ZBAA
Flight Time: 1hr 46min
Air Frame: B787-8
SkyTeam Livery: China Southern

Vol. 29: Seoul
Date: Sat., Oct. 20
Departure Airport: ZBAA
Arrival Airport: RKSI
Flight Time: 1hr 19min
Air Frame: B739
SkyTeam Livery: Korean Air

Vol. 30: Tokyo
Date: Sat., Oct. 27
Departure Airport: RKSI
Arrival Airport: RJTT
Flight Time: 1hr 44min
Air Frame: DC-10 / MD-11
SkyTeam Livery: Air France I KLM I Delta

Send us your suggestions via the comments for destinations you’d like to visit in Season 4: The Americas!

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Discord or slack?

We use slack @Sasquatch

Hi! Are you still active? I did my application but I am not sure if you receive it, I got a strange screen after my application on my IPad. 😊