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Welcome to the Air France - KLM Virtual Group

- Aiming for the future -


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analytics Our Goal

In Air France-KLM, our team of hard-working staff want YOU to be a part of our family and to enjoy the professionalism and respect we have!
All our members are invited to express any and all of their ideas! We promise to consider every one of them.
We also want to bring you the most enjoyable experience you have ever had on Infinite Flight!
Want to know more? Read on!

Our Story

Before Air France-KLM we were once known just as Air France Virtual Airline, which was founded on the month of January 2017, when one of our founders, Stryder decided to set up a VA. So as time went forward, Stryder approached @Camr and Nabil Nohra who together helped Co-found Air France Virtual Airline.

The VA was opened and it started to see some success with pilots joining and flying under the VA. After some time, due to reasons Stryder stepped had stepped down on the month of February, Giving the Presidential job to one of his trusted co-founders Cameron! Under the leadership of Cameron, the VA continued to grow and with more pilots, but the staff team that Stryder had left Cameron with, started to get overwhelmed and messy.

So, Cameron reorganized the staff team making them more efficient and more organized.
Cameron created more detailed pilot applications and created a new and intricate thread for the Va. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some more pressing issues Cameron had to give the presidential job to someone who he knew he could trust! And so, on the month of May Avon was given the job of president and CEO.

Under him Air France VA went under immense changes! Air France VA Has now become one of the most active VA’s in IF but Avon didn’t stop there. He went to seek for more, and thus like in real life Air France merged with KLM making both VA’s go under one name and under one leadership. Soon after the IFVARB appeared and Avon pushed to get Air France-KLM certified by the IFVARB and was successful.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons Avon stepped down and in June 2017 Kenny1238 was given the role of president. Finally, in October 2017, @Luke was given presidential power of the VA after being the deputy president for a while and also having experience in other roles within AF-KLM VA, however decided to leave in April 2018 for personal reasons. So after being with the VA for a long time, having previous roles, it was decided for @Sam_Jacobs1 to take the lead after showing his impeccable leadership qualities!

006-business Staff Team

At Air France - KLM Virtual Group, we have chosen and put together the dream team. We work with a dedicated and passionate team who go out of their way to help anyone in need. We greatly appreciate everyone’s hardwork and their passion is always recognised.

Upper Management

President - Sam Jacobs @Sam_Jacobs1
Deputy President - Dylan Alves @DylanIE
Chief of Development - Emil Svanbring @Emil_Svanbring

Lower Management

ATC Manager - Jansen Barralet @JBarralet
Events Manager - Omar de Windt @Omar_DeWindt
HR Manager - Luke Around @Luke_Around
Chief Pilot - VACANT
Assistant Event Manager - Louie P @Louie
Flight Manager - Nelson Tran @nxllson

All our staff have been meticulously chosen to provide the best experience for our pilots and will do their utmost to help anyone and everyone.

001-cup Fleet and Rank

As you may or may not know, Air France - KLM Virtual has the biggest fleet of any virtual airline, consisting of 26 aircraft from Air France, Air France Cargo, KLM, Transavia and Martinair, meaning no matter what rank you are, you will always have a different aircraft to fly. To add to that, we have a very well thought of ranking system consisting of 7 ranks that challenge our pilots to fly as much they can!

Air France

Rank 1 - 0 Hours: Airbus A318 / A319 / A320
Rank 2 - 15 Hours: Boeing 767-300
Rank 3 - 35 Hours: Boeing 777-200ER / Boeing 777-200F


Rank 1 - 0 Hours: Embraer E190 / Boeing 737-700 / Boeing 737-800 (Transavia) / Boeing 737-900
Rank 2 - 15 Hours: Boeing 757-200 / (Transavia) / Boeing 767-300
Rank 3 - 35 Hours: Boeing 777-200ER / Boeing 777-300

Air France - KLM

Rank 4 - 65 Hours: Boeing 777-300ER (SkyTeam) / Boeing 787-9
Rank 5 - 100 Hours: Boeing 787-10 / McDonnel Douglas MD11 (KLM) / MD11F (Martinair) & DC10 (Air France Cargo)
Rank 6 - 145 Hours: Boeing 747-200 / Boeing 747-400 (Air France, KLM & KLM 2015)
Rank 7 - 195 Hours: Airbus A380

004-networking Events

Something we pride ourselves on is our regular events, our Events Manager, Omar, spends a lot of his free time creating and organising all of our events, and there is no shortage of them either!

Destination Saturdays - Our most iconic event, Destination Saturdays is a series in which our pilots travel the globe to some of the most iconic. If you love regular events, you won’t want to miss being one our pilots to enjoy and fly round the world with everyone!

Transavia Tuesdays - This is our new weekly event held every Tuesday that culminates around an event flying only Transavia aircraft. In addition, we also have special benefits every tuesday, including bonus flight time when flying any Transavia aircraft, or certain airports being covered by ATC provided by our in-house ATC team.

Elite XI Last but not least, is Elite XI. This is a VA exclusive landing competition in which our pilots compete in a challenging airport approach and landings. The 11 members of Elite XI get an exclusive badge to add to their username as well as getting first access to our events.

certificate Air Traffic Control

One of the newest implements in our VA is our in-house Air Traffic Control Department.

Interested in being an Air France - KLM Virtual Group Controller? Then look no further and apply here.

You will have to fill out an application form with a written test to get an understanding of your basic ATC knowledge, you will then have to complete our practical exams to turn those words into practice. Upon passing those exams, you will become an official Air Traffic Controler!

003-letter Join Us

Join Us
So, has all this information made you think twice about our VA? Then feel free to apply and within a matter of hours, you could be part of one of the biggest and fastest growing Virtual Airlines in the community.

Why join us?

We were the recipient of the Best Virtual Airline Award 2017

We have the biggest fleet of any Virtual Airline in the community, with subsidiaries including Air France Cargo, Transavia, Martinair, and with the soon release of the CRJ, HOP!

From the moment you join, you will be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere with people who will go out of their way to help you

With an active community of over 125 pilots and frequent group flights to immerse you in the Air France - KLM spirit, what more could you ask for?


Read first hand opinions from pilots themselves, and find out what you could be in for if you apply.

Pilot Testimonies

Onur Yilmaz, Pilot
“Ever since i became a part of AF/KLM VA family i have been a more active IF user. Because this group offers me great time making me be able to enjoy every moment of all those flights with my fellows. I don’t only find precious friends accompanying me but also learn useful facts and tips about this environment. To conclude, i would like to emphasize the fact that being accepted by AF/KLM family has been the most valuable action i have ever taken so far. Thank you my friends, wishing you all the best :)”

Jonathan, Pilot
“AF-KLM VA is a place where you can feel free and are surrounded by professional pilots from all around the world. Our VA is not only a group of pilots but a big family who is looking to the future. You can find your place very quickly as staff members and other pilots are here to welcome you warmly. We are living our passion, our dream everyday. Welcome aboard.”

Kyriakos, Pilot
“From the moment you join AF/KLM VA you are treated with respect and kindness from staff members and pilots. This VA’s slack is by far the most active. There are 26 aircraft that you can earn by flying hours with us. Additionally members frequently do group flights. Join the growing crew to experience a Virtual Airline like no other.”

Martin, Pilot
“I really love Air France-KLM Virtual Airline. After I entered, I was very surprised how well it is organized. A lot of activity, events and I met so many great people. We meet regularly on the ground and in the air flying together on short regional routes or long flights to other parts of the world.
Without a doubt everyone should join AF-KLM VA. I am happy to be part of this amazing community. And after all, this airline absolutely deserved its 5-star rating in IF Virtual Airline Awards according to SkyTrax IF Vrtual and IFVA awards organization.”

Ben, Pilot
“AF-KLM is one of the most promising Virtual Airlines anyone can get.
Not just the best, but a family. Everything in Air France-KLM VA is so warm and friendly from the day you apply for registration. No one goes unnoticed. We here always take our time to fly with everyone. There are many surprises along the course of time in the VA that makes it more and more enticing. For me personally though, have had only fond memories that make me indebted to the VA for the trust and love they give me.The management staffs and various other ranked pilots make the VA quite unique from others. Trust me, flying is our passion and we do it best.”

Like what you see? Apply below to begin your journey with Air France - KLM Virtual Group, we hope to see you with us soon! If you want to find out even more about us, visit our website to find out what you’ll be missing.

*However, if you were a previous member who has been deactivated, please use this specific form to reapply.

On behalf of everyone at Air France - KLM Virtual Group, we thank you for taking the time reading about us and we hope to see you with us in the skies!

~ Aiming for the future ~

Sam Jacobs
President and Owner of Air France - KLM Virtual Group

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An update from Air France - KLM Virtual Group

The last few days have been very time consuming after the sad departure of our President Luke, however with the promotion of Sam, we hope to take this VA to the next level!

Because of this we have had some internal staff promotions which we are very excited about! To add this, we also have two new staff positions opening which anyone can apply for.

First off, our Chief of Development, Dylan, has been promoted to Deputy President. During his time as Chief of Development, he has made some great changes and additions to the VA, especially Career Mode, and we are very excited to see what more he has to offer!

In addition, our current Flight Manager, Emil, has been promoted to Chief of Development. We could tell that Emil would like a new challenge and we were only too happy to offer him this role!

- Vacant Staff Positions -

Because of these recent promotions, we someone to fill the shoes of Flight Manager, as well as someone to take up an old role.

Flight Manager

As Flight Manager, you will be responsible for tracking each and everyone of our pilots progress, checking and logging all our pilots flights on a daily basis, and promoting new pilots when needed. The requirements for the job are as follows;

Minimum age 12
Be at least Grade 3
Have a good standing on the IFC
Be a time efficient and organised person who can carry out their job to the best of their ability.

If you think you’re the right person for the job, then please apply here.

HR Manager

As HR Manager, your main duties are to check all pilot applications, invite new members, keep track of pilot activity and pilot satisfaction, and if needed, submitting pilot reports. The requirements for the job are as follows;

Minimum age of 12
Have a good standing on the IFC
Be a kind, helpful and attentive person who will go out of their way to help anyone who has any questions
Be time efficient and organised to help do your job to the best of your ability

If you think you’re the right person for the job, then please apply here.

Both application forms will remain open until 2000z on Saturday 14th! If you are successful, you will either be contacted either via Slack or the IFC. If you have any questions regarding each job, then please message @Sam_Jacobs1 and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Good luck!


Good Luck from the team at IAV!


Thank you! Greatly appreciate it.

Best of luck! @Sam_Jacobs1 I am sure you’ll carry the VA on with the most prowess.

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Thanks a lot Cameron!


An update from Air France - KLM Virtual Group

Today, we announce the 3rd edition of our newsletter!

The purpose of this newsletter is to update everyone on the special events and happenings that have occurred in the VA over the last two weeks! We like everyone here to be informed about whats going on with us as we feel everyone deserves to be part of the AF-KLM spirit.

To view our 3rd edition, please go to the bottom of our website to download and view the file!

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and hope you stay up to date on everything that is going on!

On a side note…

Just a reminder that applications for HR Manager and Flight Manager close today at 2000z. If you wish to apply, please see the previous post for more detailed information and instructions on how to apply!

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Management


An update from Air France - KLM Virtual Group

The time has come to reveal the newest staff members at Air France - KLM Virtual Group…

Due to the high number of great applications, it made it very hard for us to decide on who we think would suit the role best. Each application had their strengths but we finally agreed and the results are as follows;

HR Manager

Congratulations to Luke Around @Luke_Around for becoming the next HR Manager! Luke is one of our Leading Commanders and has been a pilot with us for a very long time! There has never been a day where he has been inactive, and he is always keen to fly with and support others! We know he will do brilliant at this job and we look forward to working with him!

Flight Manager

Congratulations to Nelson Tran @nxllson for becoming the next Flight Manager! Right from his application, we could tell that he spent a long time writing it, putting in as much detail as possible and giving us an idea of what he’s capable of. Nelson has also been with us for a long time, and he is very experienced in flight logging and knows how to do it to the best standard, and we can’t wait for him to show us what he can do!

Commiserations to everyone else but thank you for your submissions!

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Management


Good night, I’m new on IF and IFC and I want join the VA, I apply on the website but I’m not sure if someone read it


AF-KLM Virtual Announces Summer 2018 Schedule for Destination Saturdays – Oceania Leg

We started in the City of Lights. Then off to the Netherlands, the home of Big Ben, and the land of the Irish. Our hop down to the Portuguese coastal city of Lisbon was followed by harrowing approaches in Madeira and Gibraltar. We visited the international “jet set” in Monaco, the mountainous town Innsbruck, the Italian isle of Sicily, the Birthplace of Humanity, and the land of the Pharaohs, all before making our way across the Middle East on our way to the Taj Mahal. From Asia’s “Sin City,” and the world-class Singapore, we made our way Down Under, across the Indian Ocean to Perth. And now, our journey continues as we kick-off Summer 2018 with the Oceania Leg of our world tour.

Join us every other Saturday this Summer as we visit the the most iconic destinations and challenging approaches throughout Australia and New Zealand! AF-KLM is happy to announce its Summer 2018 Schedule:

Destination Saturdays – Summer 2018 Schedule:*
Vol. 18: Melbourne – 26/05/2018
Vol. 19: Queenstown – 09/06/2018
Vol. 20: Auckland – 23/06/2018
Vol. 21: Sydney – 07/07/2018
Vol. 22: Cairns – 21/07/2018

*All times 1700z unless otherwise noted

We are not stopping there! More destinations are on our horizon as we continue up through the Far East, across the Atlantic, through the Americas, and beyond. Leave a comment to suggest a Destination and we will do our best to incorporate it into our tour.

Happy flying!


i love to join where is the application form

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Might want to give the post at the top a thorough read as it contains a lot of information and also links to the application form.

Application form is in the ‘join’ tab on the website which is here:


I made the test and got 26/30. When should I expect to get the sertification?

When they reach out to you. Then you will know that you are apart of the airline.

i applied 4 days ao still no answer?

Hi Finnairer, have you already joined our Slack and how long has it been since you’ve completed this test?

Im already in!

la 8. syysk. 2018 klo 3.20 nxllson kirjoitti:

hey @Kyle_D i see that you have applied for the VA, but have you attained the minimum score needed to pass ?.. cause that is what i required to enter the VA

I dont know, i was over 50% for sure

That’s not what is mentioned on the form budd… I do believe the instructions were clear…
For further queries, please DM one the staffs. @Kyle_D