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Destination Saturdays -- Air France-KLM Virtual Group's flagship event series returns on February 9 for the debut of Season 4: The Americas. From the snow capped mountains of Alaska down to Rio de Janeiro and back up north to the Big Apple, harrowing approaches and beautiful views await! AFKLM Virtual invites you to join us along the way!




AFKLM, DLVA & Sky Team Break Record for Largest Overnight Flight!

Air France-KLM Virtual, our friends at @Delta_Virtual and fellow Sky Team IF members @AlitaliaVirtual and @aeromexicovirtual are breaking the IF record for the largest overnight flight in history during a special Sky Team edition of AFKLM After Dark tonight.

Catch the action on LiveFlight by searching “AFKLM” or “DLVA.”


Applied! Got a few wrong on the test which I’m quite unhappy with myself, just curious though- if nobody is at a Unicom airport but someone may be in the vicinity of the airport, why wouldn’t announce your position? Just curious to why I got that wrong.


Hello. That seems an error - We must announce our position even if we’re the only one in the vicinity of the airport.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Will do! Thank you!


Anytime! Good luck on the written!


@KindaAngrySliceOfPie good luck, bud. Hopefully we’ll see you on the other side soon!


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Hi @AF-KLM_VA I’m ur new pilot I did the forum and got a
22/34 so I think I’m new
Is there any discord server


Hi @Swiftlings_17,

We will send you a Private Message shortly to get you sorted.



i make my apply to


Website Issue: Update

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Thank you for your patience!


Watch us at our farewell flight for Martin!


We'll see you under the moonlight at LFPG for this evening's AFKLM After Dark: SkyTeam Edition event! The fun begins at 0145z with direct service to Denver. Track us on LiveFlightApp!


With just over an hour until our signature Transavia Tuesdays event departs, we are inviting YOU to come and join us! Our departure will commence at 20:00Z and we will start our journey at EHAM (Amsterdam) with our destination set to an IFATC controlled LFPG (Paris). Come and join us by spawning at any of the Pier D Gates at EHAM in a Transavia B737-800 (Expert Server only). We can’t wait to fly with you!


applied. I hope u get back to me soon :)


Hello, thanks for considering our VA!
We’re always looking for new pilots!
The application process can take up to 24hr-48hr if we’re very busy.
Minimum to pass is 27/34 and good news, you can try again whenever you want!