Air France-KLM VA Official Thread

I have a problem with the pattern work stuff… Where can I find some info??

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Hello @rubinedan you are very very close… Just 1 more correct answer and you are in…
We used to have the training practice but it was very inefficient for us with lots of pilots…
But if you really feel you can’t reach the benchmark … please drop me a DM…
But we hope you try once more and achieve 😉😄😄


Not so close to the goal mate! Don’t give up! You can do it. I know it can be hard, but don’t give up. And make sure to drop a pm to one of the Staff of AFKLM or maybe themselves.
Good luck :)


Nice thread good luck guys!


I cant remember what i got on the test. Hopefully will be apart of the VA soon


Good choice, you’ll see the best VA in IF.
Hope to see you soon in the skies :)


how can I join ???
I am intesreted to join as an pilot for the Boeing 777 series…


You have to level up to reach the B777


If you are accepted (hopefully you will)
With Air France, you’ll need to be Rank 3.
With KLM, you’ll need to be Rank 3 too.
You’ll be there in no time, there’s always active pilots that loves to do group flights or there is always someone you can talk with.
There’s so many routes and people, you’ll never get bored of that.
Good day,
See you soon in the AFKLM skies!



Danger, delight & daring good times: The global tour continues!

You’ve hugged mountains at Madeira, banked your way into Gibraltar, and conquered hilltops in Queenstown. From Europe to the Middle East, through Oceania and the Far East, you’ve seen it all! Now, you’re ready to try some of the most difficult approaches of your illustrious IF career. Destination Saturdays returns on February 9th for the debut of Season 4: The Americas. We look forward to seeing you there!

Destination Saturdays, Season 4: The Americas I Schedule

• Vol. 31: Juneau, Alaska

• Vol. 32: Vancouver, British Colombia
Vol. 33: Aspen, Colorado
Vol. 34: San Diego, California
Vol. 35: Mexico City, Mexico
Vol. 36: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Vol. 37: San Jose, Costa Rica
Vol. 38: Quito, Ecuador
Vol. 39: Cusco, Peru
Vol. 40: Santiago, Chile
Vol. 41: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vol. 42: Willemstad, Curacao – Netherlands Antilles
Vol. 43: St. Maarten
Vol. 44: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Vol. 45: Miami, Florida
Vol. 46: Washington, D.C. (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)
Vol. 47: New York City, New York (LaGuardia Airport)


Hi there. I registered yesterday morning, and did the written exam (I got over 70%, around 79 I think) and everything, but haven’t heard anything yet…not even an acknowledgement email? Is this normal, or is there someone on here I should speak to?


It’s on 34 points.
Dont’ worry, if you passed, a staff will get back to you ASAP. Pm @AF-KLM_VA for information.


Ah yes I know I got 27 :). I calculated to percentage once I saw the score.

Thanks for your reply!


Anytime! Good day! Hope to see you soon in the AFKLM Family!


If you’re looking for an immersive, group experience where continued learning and challenging flights are a part of everyday life as a pilot, AFKLM is for you.

I joined the amazing team in October 2018 after being a long-time casual IF user. Since then my knowledge has grown substantially on all thing SID/STARS, aircraft procedure, and general flight experience.

The variety of aircraft is unparalleled. One of the main things I enjoy about flying with AFKLM is that there are no ‘generic’ livery aircraft, and I have a chance to choose between Air France, KLM, Transavia, and Martinair liveries.

On a regular basis we host group flights, and our famous ‘After Dark Flash Flights’ where all members are encouraged to join our long-hauls into challenging terrains like SEQM, MPTO, and the like.

Another favorite of mine is Touch & Go Sundays, where we explore mountain ranges, Caribbean islands, and cool worldwide airports — doing touch and goes at 3-4 places before a final full stop.

Leadership at AFKLM are engaging and chatting with us pilots on a daily basis. I’ve learned so much from their expertise and I’m happy to be able to share it with new incoming pilots.

If you’re looking for family and a challenge, join us at AFKLM. It’s been 3 months, and I’ve gained 200+ flight hours, the rank of Commander, and a cool group of friends to chat all things aviation with.


You did the best explanation to encourage other people to join!
I’ll share my experience too with AFKLM!
I joined in middle October, and I gained over 97hrs of flying (1 month of absence)
Everyday, we got pilots chatting in our slack (Friendly, cool but professional) and every hour!

Hosting group flights, events, and even more!
AFKLM has so much livery and special partnership with DLVA, which includes daily shared routes! We got a exceptional livery choice!

The leadership of the team is so kind!

  • @Omar_DeWindt , our CEO, always listening to the pilots, takes any suggestions that can help the VA!

  • @Luke_Around I’ll never forget you as our HR Manager, you were so kind and helpful!

  • @Alexis.B our COO, is always here to help, organize “After Dark Flight”, group flights, Staff Flash Flight ! He’s active and will anwser to all questions!

  • @AF-KLM_VA, the digital marketing managers who operates any social account of the VA!

Special thanks to the AFKLM Family, team, pilots and leadership!
Your loyal pilot!


I actually filled in an application form for ATC but never got a reply back …has been quite a few days.

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Our ATC Department is stopped for the moment.
It’s unavailable for an unknown period of time.
Thanks for asking!




Air France-KLM Virtual is proud to connect with our friends at @DeltaVirtual and fellow Sky Team VA partners to kick-off a new Sunday series this weekend on the IFC and Infinite Flight!

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