Air France-KLM VA Official Thread


@Kenny1238 great job on the new thread my man!
Super proud to be part of AFKLM


How do I try to join


Hello Brock!

Thanks for your interest in AF-KLM in order to apply please visit our website at!

We hope to see you fly under the AF-KLM Banner!


Hello again. Beautiful Topic. Now I’m proud (even more) to have applied to AFKLM VA.
Good day!


Hey Nono,

Thanks for the compliment :)! We are glad you feel proud to be apart of the Air France-KLM VA family for we feel happy to have you fly with us!

If you have any feedback you’d like to give, please feel free to PM us!


Important Notice for Prospective AF-KLM Pilots:

Please note that in an effort to maintain the highest possible pilot standards among members, we recently restructured our admission process to include a written exam for all applicants. A passing score of 80% or higher is required for admission into AF-KLM Virtual Group.

Fear not! In order to help you improve your chances, I am including several links below as recommended reading from our Chief Pilot, @USA007. I encourage all new applicants to review them prior to taking the exam:

If you have any trouble with the subject matter don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to having you on board.

Good luck to all!


Lovely thread! In my perspective, I believe AF-KLM will succeed even further down the line.


Thank you Nxllson,

Air France-KLM staff team would like to appreciate your vote of confidence in our VA! We have been hard at work making the VA into what it is today, and what it can be in the future!

-AF-KLM Staff Team


Love the new thread guys! Brings me back to my AFKLM management days!


@Omar_DeWindt I am already a pilot with you guys. Sorry for the inactivity. I have been really busy and could never get around to flying.


Hey Matheus,

In case of inactivity please inform our HR manger of any reasons why you have been inactive.



Great looking thread to our Sky Team friends! Looking forward to some news in the coming week regarding some more great things within our Sky Team partnership!


I applied but haven’t been contacted since sunday. I hot a 34 I believe on my 3rd try.


@AF-KLM_VA please contact me back asap about my previous comment above this one.


@HadenJohnson please be patient;) they can be very busy at times they will reach out to you as soon as they can thanks! ;)


Ok thanks.


I am super excited to be flying my favorite 747 route. I’ll do EHAM-TNCM one weekend then the next weekend I’m available to land in the morning I’ll head back.


Hello Haden!

Apologies for the Tardiness in the response, let’s take this to PM in order to sort it out!



@Mattheus thanks for the note, good sir. We all look forward to having you back in the sky soon!


@Delta_Virtual thank you! We are excited as well! #BiggerBetterBolder