Air France - KLM VA Offical Thread

Welcome to the new and improved AF-KLM!!

We are pleased to announce that after so long of thinking and rebuilding this VA, we are finally having it open to all of you! Yes, that’s right. AF-KLM is now open to everyone!

Our Goal

In Air France-KLM, our team of hard-working staff want YOU to be a part of our family and to enjoy the professionalism and respect we have!

All our members are invited to express any and all of their ideas! We promise to consider every one of them.

We also want to bring you the most enjoyable experience you have ever had on Infinite Flight!

Want to know more? Read on!

What Air France-KLM has to Offer

As some of you may know AF-KLM has 23 different types of aircraft in its fleet! Varying between long haul to short haul capable aircraft!

With so many aircraft available, we have made up the ranking system to include all those different types of aircraft.

Our Ranks

Air France Ranks with Aircraft
• Rank 1 (Cadet): A318/A319/A320
• Rank 2 (Second Officer): B767-300
• Rank 3 (First Officer): B777-200F/B777-200ER

KLM Ranks with Aircraft
• Rank 1 (Cadet): B737-700(KLM)/B737-800(Transavia)/B737-900(KLM)/ERJ-190 (KLM)
• Rank 2 (Second Officer): B767-300(KLM)/B757-200(Transavia)
• Rank 3 (First Officer): B777-300ER(KLM)

Air France-KLM
• Rank 4 (Senior First Officer): B777-300ER(AF) /B787-9(KLM)/ B777-300ER KLM (Orange Pride)
• Rank 5 (Captain): B787-10(KLM)/B787-10 (Air France)
• Rank 6 (Senior Captain): B747-200(KLM)/ B747-400 (KLM/KLM 2015/Air France)
• Rank 7(Commander): A380 (Air France)


Because Air France-KLM is such a huge airline. It has many routes around the globe. We have many beautiful routes to be explored. See our routes here:

Like any other VA we have Rules…

Yes, that’s right, we have rules that must be followed! Most of these rules are simple and don’t need much explaining but we recommend you take a look before applying!

Air France-KLM Rules
  1. Any member of the VA must not be anti-sematic, racist or sexist towards any member of the VA. Breach of this rule will result in immediate dismissal and reported to the IFVARB.

  2. Members must not use any harmful, or offensive language on the Slack channels towards other members or on any slack chat. Breach of this rule will result in possible demotion and/or dismissal.

  3. Members must not argue, hate on, or be rude to any SLT member, or any member in that matter, as this is not an accurate representation of AF-KLM VA.

  4. Any rude or demeaning comments made about the VA to anyone, on IFC, Slack, will result in immediate dismissal from the VA.\

  5. English is to be Spoken in our #general chat in slack! This is too make sure our non native speakers can have a way to practice. (private Chats can be spoken in any language you like!)

  6. Any talk about another VA in a demeaning manor in will result in a warning, if continued the person will be dismissed from the VA

  7. Every member in the VA must log at least 2 flights a week.

Air France-KLM Events!


Our Head of Events @ODW has created an event series, he calls; Destination Saturdays (DS), but what is Destination Saturdays?

Destination Saturdays is a monthly series dedicated to city-hopping and short-haul flying to the most interesting locations and airports across the globe. So why don’t you join the pilots of AF-KLM Virtual Airlines at a new destination on the second Saturday of every month.

We also plan on adding a series for our in-house pilots, so all the more reason to join us!

AF-KLM Information

Our Leadership Team

President = @Luke
Deputy President = @Sam_Jacobs1

Head of Events = @ODW
ATC Manager = @oscar_mur
Chief of Aeronautics = @DylanIE
Flight Manager = @Emil_Svanbring
Training Manager = @Kieron11

AF-KLM History

Before Air France-KLM we were once known just as Air France Virtual Airline, which was founded on the month of January 2017, when one of our founders, Stryder decided to set up a VA. So as time went forward, Stryder approached @Camr and Nabil Nohra who together helped Co-found Air France Virtual Airline. The VA was opened and it started to see some success with pilots joining and flying under the VA. After some time, due to reasons Stryder stepped had stepped down on the month of February, Giving the Presidential job to one of his trusted co-founders Cameron! Under the leadership of Cameron, the VA continued to grow and with more pilots, but the staff team that Stryder had left Cameron with, started to get overwhelmed and messy. So, Cameron reorganized the staff team making them more efficient and more organized. Cameron created more detailed pilot applications and created a new and intricate thread for the Va. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some more pressing issues Cameron had to give the presidential job to someone who he knew he could trust! And so, on the month of May Avon was given the job of president and CEO. Under him Air France VA went under immense changes! Air France VA Has now become one of the most active VA’s in IF but Avon didn’t stop there. He went to seek for more, and thus like in real life Air France merged with KLM making both VA’s go under one name and under one leadership. Soon after the IFVARB appeared and Avon pushed to get Air France-KLM certified by the IFVARB and was successful. Unfortunately due to personal reasons Avon stepped down and in June 2017 Kenny1238 was given the role of president. Finally, in October 2017, @Luke was given presidential power of the VA after being the deputy president for a while and also having experience in other roles within AF-KLM VA. Since then the airline has continued to grow and we are now 60+ members strong.

How about joining our VA?

Before you can become one of our pilots, you will have to choose on which part of the VA would you like to start in first. Meaning for the first three ranks you can only log flights with some aircraft pertaining to the VA you first joined. Then, when you have reached Rank 4 (Senior First Officer) you will be able to fly aircraft and routes of both VAs.

Still interested?

Then we invite you to click on the link below! It will direct you to our new and improved website that is easy to navigate and filled with new features!

Or you can click the link below to just go directly to the application!

From all of Air France-KLM Staff and members, we hope to see you in the sky and with us soon!

President & CEO of AF-KLM

“Aiming towards the Future”


Great! Im glad you have opened up again :) Always good to see more and more airlines


Very proud to have led this VA! @Kenny1238 and everyone else, you have done a stellar job on this!


Extremely happy to see you guys back, the organization looks excellent. I’m sure Kenny did a superb job of handling things after Avon and me left.
Kenny continue the great work as well as the staff team.


@Camr @Neeson52 Indeed! Without Kenny, who knows where we’d be!

Here are just some pictures from our recent group flights!

Credit: @Captain_Ahmad, Pilot.

As you can see, at AF-KLM VA, we really do love group flights!


I have filled out an application


Roger that Christian!

Your application will be reviewed within the next three hours! Hope to see you in the team soon!



Are you aware your KLM routes link on the website leads you to a blank page? I’d very much like to know what routes you guys have planned!


Hi there @Mags885,

We are fully aware about this, the page is in progress and will be up within the coming days. Thanks for checking out our website!


Haha yeah, thats very true, on my first couple of days at AF-KLM there’s been around 10 group flights, can’t imagine how many more has happened when I was on holiday!


France is in the air!

L’hexagone est bien représenté avec vous !


I wish I could join but, I don’t have live.


Do you want to hear some good news? You don’t need a live subscription, you can log flights using solo mode! (although we would prefer pilots to have live) we have no problem having pilots who can’t fly on live.


How’s that? I might be interested but I won’t be getting live until global is released.



Permitting that you have Infinite Flight Installed to your phone, you can join. You can log flights in ‘solo’ mode. Although, this outrules a key aspect of our Virtual Community which is group flights.


Really?! I might consider this then! Thank you for your time


Hi- I applied around 3 or 4 hours ago but I haven’t gotten an e-mail like your website said. Sorry to bother you guys! Thanks!


Hi @CathayPacific,

Yes. We’ve sent you a Private Message to say why you have not received an email!



Extra Special Announcement!


Today, we at Air France - KLM VA, bring a wonderful announcement!

Air France - KLM VA has reached 50 active pilots!!

We’d like to thank every single one of our pilots for the sheer dedication and effection they show towards the lovely KLM and Air France!

If you fancy joining the 50 current pilots in a fun and exciting community, I see no reason why not to head over to our website!


I will most likely join after global because I will be doing a lot of flying especially out of Paris Charles de Gaulle.