Air France-KLM to launch new low-cost concept Boost

The Air France-KLM group announced this week their plans for a new, low-cost carrier. The new carrier, currently referred to as the Boost project, will launch using 5 Airbus A320s in the last quarter of 2017.


What about Transavia?

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Transavia is only for short and medium haul.

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Transavia is technically wholly owned by KLM, however this does make it part of the AF/KL group. This new project will focus on ultra competitive routes feeding into Paris and Amsterdam. They will start at first with short/medium hall routes and expand to long haul in 2018. Read the report if you would like to know more :)

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I wonder what the livery would look like 👀


Not entirely correct: Transavia C.V is owned by KLM meanwhile Transavia France is owned by Air France.


Transavia France is maintained as a subsidiary of Transavia C.V. in a joint venture with Air France. So you were also not entirely correct :) But thank you for pointing out that fact

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