Air France-KLM orders 100 A320neo family aircraft

The Air France-KLM Group has just ordered 100 members of the A320neo family, amongst this also the A321neo for KLM, the flag carrier of the Netherlands, and Transavia. The latter will receive new aircraft in both subsidies, Transavia Netherlands and Transavia France.

Who is Air France KLM you might ask? (probably not ;)

The order comes as part of Air France-KLM’s move towards a more sustainable fleet build-up. The order compromises A320neos, A321neos for both KLM as well as Transavia (France), and also has an option for 60 more aircraft. Additionally, Air France has also ordered 4 A350Fs in order to renew parts of its cargo fleet, which increases the order book of the A350F once again, after Singapore Airlines had ordered it earlier this week as a B747F replacement.

Boeing takes a loss once again and loses a major customer in the form of the member airlines of Air France KLM that have Boeing narrow-body fleets, while Airbus nets another major aircraft order this week.

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Boeing are taking a battering…

SIA, Qantas, and now AF-KLM. I think we are now seeing the true impact of the Max8 scandal and the 777X delays in full force. The orders prior to this seem to have just covered up the cracks.


Yeah, it does seem like that. But what I also find interesting to see, is that the A220 and A320neo are getting a rather popular combination (in the case of Qantas and ITA at least). With all the chatter regarding them competing with each other, this comes as a really interesting development, especially because this combo gives the A220 the advantage in the regional fleet sector and the A320neo the advantage in the mainline fleet since buying both types of aircraft from one manufacturer seems to enable airlines to strike really good deals! Embraer is also getting left out more and more looking at Qantas and ITA again!
Airbus seems to have found a gold mine with the CSeries


Don’t forget the A350F is getting more orders too


I didn’t forget ;)


Plus 787 delivery delays which has significantly angered a good amount of airlines, but they’re getting compensation at least.

Airbus still has a problem with whatever’s going on with the A350 paint issues. Qatar Airways is supposedly never going to order from Airbus again, but their CEO doesn’t always follow up on his words.


Yeah… It often seems like his feelings make him say things but days later he makes a 180 (A380)


I’m in denial

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Ignoring the 8K qualitiy, this was a crack/breakage in the fuselage of a 777X during a stress test. This set the program back by months, and they are still trying to find a solid fix for it.

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That’s great news! Can’t wait to see them in the air…whenever that this…

From what I’ve read he said he’s not going to order or take delivery of Airbus aircraft, especially the A350, until the issue is resolved. Qatar Airways’ CEO also stated that they won’t be ordering the A350F, but didn’t mention if that was the case for other Airbus aircraft in the future.

Correct me if I’m wrong though.

Boeing Lowkey deserves this. This should humble the guys upstairs.

Yes, but according to reuters:

Airbus says that it does understand the cause and on Thursday accused the Gulf carrier of misrepresenting the problem as a safety issue and of refusing to accept a repair plan.

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What the….that’s….interesting

I think that was more in reference to older A320s and most notably the A319. Its very clear that airlines now see the the A223 as a direct A319 replacment, thus leaving a very bright future ahead for the A223/A320neo combo. Though, we never know what a possible A220-500 could do to A320neo sales ;)

Boeing really is missing out on a lot of planes, i think this is only the beggining of the concequences of the MAX/777X/787 issues.

And also yes, too bad Embraer is also being left out of a lot of orders, but lets hope they can turn it around! It was recently found out that they are pitching E2s to Air Serbia and Croatia airlines, which wont be big orders per se, but could give the program a bit of a boost!

Yeah you’re right, I was more talking about this relation or the A320 family with the A220 in general (in the latter case the A319)

But here, the A220 doesn’t have too bad chances as well. Airbus also pitched the A220 to Croatia Airlines and the airline called the A220 “a perfect fit”. The consulting agency that Croatia Airlines got help from, also recommended the A220 to them.

On the Air Serbia side, I heard that they plan with ordering the SSJ100 because of the cheap price, but I am not too sure about that one.

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