Air France/KLM Dreamliner VR App

I have had this app for a little bit, but now I’ve decided to show it off. It’s an amazing application that’s pretty much an entire ad. It allows you to see the interior and exterior of a KLM or Air France 787 in VR or without. It’s a really fun app to just mess around with. Here’s a few photos:

Edit: it’s FREE!


Seems cool to explore, but wouldn’t it get boring looking at the same thing after a while?

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It’s actually got a pretty for amount of stuff to do. Eventually it will though…

Airbus sees Air France have a non airbus plane and opens app


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Does it show the whole interior like the galley, lavatories, cockpit, etc?

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The way ads are shown these days are amazing

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Just the cabins, unfortunately.

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