Air France Hop E190

Air France Hop, formerly branded HOP!, is a French regional airline operating flights on behalf of its parent company Air France. The airline was founded on 21 December 2012 after the merger of Airlinair, Brit Air and Régional brands.
Air France Hop serves over 50 daily destinations in France and the rest of Europe. The business is adapting to all mobility needs to facilitate travel in France and to near-by European countries thanks to simple, rapid and comfortable journeys. With regular frequencies and convenient flight times.

With a possible upcoming ERJ rework this is a must have for IF, by adding this livery into the flight simulator a lot of airports in France could be flown and connected to via real life routes.

*Note that there is another Hop E190 livery feature thread, but that’s the one with the Hop (for) Air France livery and not the Air France Hop livery.

I think the new livery with big hop is better

Picture by me

That’s the old livery…
If you want to vote for it, there is a thread somewhere on IFC as this one is for the Air France Hop one.

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I prefer the old livery but someone just told me that HOP will disappear.
All their aircraft are getting repainted into the new one (your thread).

It makes more sense to vote for this one rather than the old one.

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Jup, I believe most of them are already painted in this livery as I’ve only seen the new ones at Amsterdam Schiphol in the last months.

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I prefer the new “Air France HOP” one reither than the regular HOP! livery

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Agreed, it looks more commercial than the (old) HOP! livery.


Hop at Schiphol Airport


They repainted the first E170 with Crevette livery, now the sharlets are blue with the AF white logo and other new features however I wonder if they’ll do it on their E190 as well

It would truly be better to have a crevette one on IF !


That’s pretty cool! I really love it.
Looks very similar to the feature request, but still even more nice.