Air France finally unveils Joon

The new Air France group will offer flights from December 1st to Barcelona, ​​Berlin or Porto from 39 euros. Sales begin on Monday.
Joon takes off! After months of gestation, the new airline of the group Air France, a hybrid variety, neither quite low cost nor really classic, displays its color, its tariffs, its services. And the outfits of her hostesses and stewards.
On Monday, its executives are kicking off, with the opening of sales, of the medium-haul flights scheduled from 1 December. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait until winter for the sale of the tickets of the long-haul flights scheduled in summer 2018.

The Joon A320 will serve Barcelona (51 flights a week), Berlin (37 flights), Lisbon (28 flights) and Porto (3 flights) from…
: françaisThe Joon A320 will serve Barcelona (51 flights a week), Berlin (37 flights), Lisbon (28 flights) and Porto (3 flights) from 39 euros one way. At this price, a meal, a hand luggage but no luggage in the hold. Two fares will be offered in the eco class depending on whether the ticket is flexible or not with checked or non-checked luggage. On medium-haul, Joon will have a business class with a dedicated cabin.
“Joon is a model of company between classic and low cost airlines,” said Franck Terner, General Manager of Air France. It has a business class on medium-haul and long-haul. Business customers will have access to Sky priority, the trade show … And a drinks and catering service is available in all classes. "
Brazil and Seychelles in the summer of 2018
In the summer of 2018, the A340s - progressively replaced by A350s - will provide two new routes: Fortaleza (twice a week) in Brazil and Mahé in the Seychelles (3 times a week). The first prizes in economy class: 249 euros for one way to Fortaleza - where the Brazilian company GOL has installed a hub to serve other cities in the country - and 299 euros for Mahé. Three other destinations will be transferred from Air France to Joon. On long-haul, Joon will have three classes: business, premium and eco.
The new company has a dual purpose: to recapture deficit lines by lowering operating costs - by 15 to 20% compared to Air France - and to serve as a laboratory for innovations. In the devices, customers can connect with their own tablets on the entertainment portal (series, documentaries, videos …). They can order an organic, gourmet meal, if they wish (and discover the juice of baobab!).
ser à la langue suivante : françaisNew services tested on Joon before arriving at Air France
In addition, Joon has established a series of partnerships. With TravelCar, guests can drop off their car when arriving at CDG. This can then be rented during their absence and reported before their return, which ensures them income. With Airbnb experience, they can discover a place, an activity, an excursion. In Paris, themed tours of the Capital with BHV Marais. It will also be possible to offer tickets to Joon with Waynabox, a gift box with a surprise destination and accommodation. All these partnerships will generate revenues that are ancillary to the company.
“Joon is part of the Trust Together strategy,” said Franck Terner, General Manager of Air France. But it is only one element of the plan that aims to improve our economic performance to finance our growth. "
To ensure the start-up of the company, 140 hostesses and stewards were recruited specially. Eventually, Joon will use 1000 to fly on his 28 planes. On the other hand, it is Air France pilots who will be “made available” to the subsidiary.


Sources? Is this a C&P? Give your opinion or something

Source: Figaro Translated into English
What Air France thinks are not made for the low cost it must take care of their customers and not the low

It’s also already been discussed, back in July. The only difference here is a different article - definitely support you voicing your opinion on the airline!

I am very strongly against this idea as dedicating a whole airline to one demographic seems like a really good way to loose business and I suspect this Airline will fail, but who knows it might takeoff. ;)


I think the same sir

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I doubt they will be as good as Ryanair and easyJet, they won’t be able to catch up with them unless they offer 10 dollars flights


what about other places like Italy??

Not on my list of airlines to fly.

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