Air France Eyeing The "A220-500" & KLM To Become All Boeing

Some pretty interesting things brought up at Air France/KLM’s 2019 Investor Day presentation.

1. Air France’s future fleet possibly includes the “A220-500” in addition to its current A220-300 order:



In the “Future Fleet” section, you can see the A220 listed as Medium Haul with the -500(?).

  • There have been rumors in recent times of Airbus launching a stretched version of the A220. This seems to be it.

2. KLM’s mainline fleet will become purely Boeing.

  • This is excluding KLM Cityhopper as that fleet consists of Embraer aircraft. (I mean… Boeing has an 80% stake in Embraer anyways).



In KLM’s mainline fleet, the A330-200/300 are the only Airbus aircraft left.

  • KLM currently flies eight Airbus A330-200s and five A330-300s to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, North America and the Caribbean.
  • Months ago KLM’s A350 order was transferred to Air France so KLM would receive additional 787s.

According to KLM CEO Pieter Elbers, there is still no definitive farewell date for the A330, but the type must be phased out by 2025.

  • Additionally, the 747 is expected to retire around 2021.

KLM’s current fleet:


  • The A220-500 is definitely interesting. Makes me wonder if it has transatlantic potential into/out of secondary markets.

  • Sucks that the A330 is retiring so soon. The 2-4-2 configuration in Economy is perfect for families/couples.


Amazing posts as usual, happy to see that there is a chance of an A220-500, and sad that KLM will be all Boeing.

why aren’t you a regular your posts are beyond requirements to be one


[quote=“Starz, post:2, topic:376242, full:true”] sad that KLM will be all Boeing.

Very sad…

Awesome to hear that Boeing is going all KLM! Or the other way around, I mean, KLM is going all Boeing! The A330 is a great plane though, served the airline well.

Target Acquired
Some Fokker’s, the best part about this post. My question, are they still flying for KLM?


Yeah ya see Boeing is being suplexed and knocked around by the FAA and NASA the latest launch by NASA wasn’t all a success there were some complications thanks to Boeing. It’s like Boeing a Stroller and the FAA and every other thing in the world a freight train.

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@Ishrion back at it again with the amazing posts. Keep it up.

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Sad to see the A330 go that soon, but I would love an A220-500, not only for AF, but also for SWISS or smaller airlines (e.g. Edelweiss Air or Air Malta)!

Great post, thanks!

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Glad to see that that KLM is going all boeing, but very surprised

I say the opposite😂😂

They’re gonna regret it. Watch.


Really detailed and nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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They retired quite a while ago. October 28, 2017 I believe.

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They sure are! 😤

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