Air France event @ LFPG - 231300ZAPR16

We all like our VAs let’s try a different way this time by flying for Air France
777-300ER Skyteam
777-200ER Air France
A380 Air France
A318 Air France
It’s at LFPG
We are flying through Paris landings at Orly LFPO Saturday someone move this to events please on advanced server and freeplay at 5:00pm to 9:00pm Atlantic west have fun and you don’t have to stay for the complete time don’t mind the IFM Infinite Flight Military does anyone want to be on the tower

Please mention time, server please

@dush19 here you go

5:00 AM or 5:00 PM?[quote=“Sam1, post:1, topic:35916”]

Define Atlantic, east or west side?

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It should he in the event?
Bcoz it is an event

No Dylan, not yet. It doesn’t fit the format

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Correction : B777-200-ER Not -LR


ER extended range LR Long Rang boeing called it the 777-200LR

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I check there website daily

FYI, Air France doesn’t have any B777-200LR ;)

(Check the Fleet section)

I will change it

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Is anyone going

I think ein can come
Can i take the B747-400?

In air france livery

Sure something came up I can’t make it

Event canceled?

No it’s not

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Ok i come with B747 400 in Aurfrance livery
My callsign is Airfrance 716 Heavy

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How is it?

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