Air France E190 - Incorrect fonts on livery

I spawned in the new Air France liveried E190 and noticed the font seems to be incorrect, you will notice in the photos that they are considerably thinner on the aircraft within Infinite Flight when compared to the logo and real life photos of the aircraft. With Air France being such a big operator around Europe and especially when this aircraft will be flown by so many within the sim, I think it goes without saying that many would appreciate it if this small issue would be patched. Other than that the aircraft looks great, as do all the other liveries in particular Air France’s sister airline KLM and I am looking forward to flying it in the coming weeks! Thanks for all your hard work devs, job well done but I thought I should bring this to your attention.

I have attempted to recreate this photo from jetphotos for perhaps a bit of a clearer view of the issue

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Thank you, reported internally.