Air France E170 (By Regional)

Air France is a French airline based in Charles de Gaulle and Orly airport (Paris). It was founded in in 1933 and now has a fleet of 212 aircraft. It is part of the Sky Team association and has HOP, JOON and Transavia France as Subsidiaries. It serves to 201 destinations and has “France is in the air” as slogan.

The Embraer e-170 can carry 80 passengers, a crew of 2 at a speed of 870 KM/H, at 41,000 feet with a range of 3,889 KM. It has 2 turbofan engines, a length of 29M and a wing span of 26M. It’s first flight was in 2002, and it is still being produced.

I really hope this wonderful aircraft gets added to Infinite Flight!

Photo credit: Mario Ferioli.

Very cool livery! I think the Embraer Series needs many new liveries as they only have about dozen between all the different variants.


Thank you!

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Beautiful livery, we need the rework of the Embrarers, I hope soon we will have it!





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