Air France DC-10

Ok guys this isn’t a fake :)
It would be great to have the DC-10-30 with the Air France livery!

Credit: Sebastien Boutry

awesome plane, awesome airline

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I would rather Air France MD-11…


@Cdt_Aupetit Are you part of AFVA? :)

DC-10 + Eurowhite = Awesome plane!


what is Eurowhite ? An airline ?

Eurowhite is an Airline Colour scheme. Usually its called for liveries who dominantly uses White colour as the background

Some examples of airlines that adopt Eurowhite scheme :

  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • Swiss

ah ok nice european symbol

That is a nice looking bird. Hope this livery makes the cut. Can’t wait to fly it!


Is Qantas Eurowhite?

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Yep, like delta for example

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Not an awesome airline and dangerous plane.

Yeh this would be interesting to have on the DC-10 in the future.

Can’t you find the old classic AirFrance livery? It would fit better on the DC10 ;)

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No I couldn’t find it :/ sorry.

Does anyone know, how many votes are required in order to have the feature request accepted?

No there isn’t a number of votes required for a feature request to be accepted :)

Ok well let’s keep voting!

No, qantas is australian

Please read the comments above to understand what we are discussing. Qantas is not European but eurowhite is a paint technique that was created by European airlines. Airlines could have adapted this technique for the livery because they liked it. Like Qantas, Virgin Aus and delta as established above,

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I believe Qantas is, as long as the livery is dominated with white background. But I’m not so sure as there are red strikes at the rear fuselage

Iran Air is one of the examples of airlines adopting eurowhite livery