Air France celebrating the 130th birthday of the Eiffel Tower (fictitious)

fictitous livery

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This year, France 🇫🇷 celebrates the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower. So I imagined an Air France livery for the event.
Tell me if you like this concept.

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                          About the Eiffel Tower
                          About Air France
                              About me


It’s a start. Good Try! Unfortunately, the Design Your Own Airline or Repaint threads were closed, so I’m not sure if livery sharing topics are allowed now. I wish a moderator would reopen or allow a new one to be made under a new set of rules, but that dream probably won’t become reality.


Its a good start. The “Air France” doesn’t seem aligned with the fuselage and therefore makes it look all weird.

Also I dont really think it’s necessary to include a bunch of links like “About Air France” “About the Eiffel Tower” and “About Me” as this is just a topic to showcase a livery you made. 👍

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Nice livery. Will it be only on A319 ?

It is a fictional livery. It’s not real.

Haha. My bad I didn’t see that

Thanks for your messages

Bonjour ! Pour voir ce que je peux faire, dites @discobot.

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