Air France Cargo// Paris CDG - Chicago// B77F

Today I flew from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Chicago O’Hare in the mighty Air France B77F. This flight is one of three legs under the AF6734 + 6735 flight numbers. Tomorrow I will make a short hop back over the pond to Dublin to drop off some cargo before heading back to Paris ✈️

Flight Details
Air France 6734 Heavy
8hrs 23mins flight time
Expert Server

Without further ado, Hope you enjoy the pictures!

On the ground in Paris going through the pre-flight checks before push and start up

Views of the airfield as we rotate off of Runway 08L. We were a little bit heavy so a lower than normal climb V/S was needed here!

My personal favourite here. A stunning view of the beautiful city of Paris as we climb via the EVX3L SID! 😍

Trailing the south east coast of the UK as we make our way towards our oceanic entry point SOMAX

After a long oceanic crossing, land is finally sighted! Here we have Newfoundland 🇨🇦

Entering Lake Michigan as we descend via the WYNDE1 arrival for Runway 28C! ✈️

As we go direct to HAZIL for the 28C intercept, the airfield comes into sight ✈️

Seconds before touchdown onto Runway 28C with an Etihad B77W taxiing to 28R for departure (note: his/her doors were closed in-game) ✈️

Hope you enjoyed looking at the few pictures I put together for this topic! ✈️👋


Awesome! Pic three is a beauty

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Beautiful 😍

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Hey @Ryan_Gibb, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

Great photos @AviatorJack, I like #5 best. :)

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Great shots! I like the landing shot with the parked Etihad the most!


Ryan was just joking :) I agree, the scenery is amazing in Newfoundland 😍


Damn I see someone doesn’t know the meaning of humour


Coming from a man from Offaly 🤮🤪


Great pictures Jack:)

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Never even knew Louth was a county till I payed attention in geography. Just a knock of Dublin 🤮

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Coming from a knock off kildare 🤔

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Don’t even compare us to them scum of the Earth. I thought you were better than this Marc…


That’s bad out @Marc_Gallagher

I thought this was a picture topic? Not a debate about which county is better 🤦‍♂️😂 now back on topic 👢


Why always the 👢

I’d rather live in the dire pits of hell than live in Kildare 🤮. Imagine living in the same county as Ryan and hugh 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Offaly being the best county ain’t a debate ❌ 🧢

Fantastic shots! Thanks for posting!

Thanks Marc 😂

Whisht McGee, Kildare’s well better

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