Air France Cargo B747-400F

                               Air France Cargo B747-400

                                          Why ?

Air France Cargo was the first airline to operate the B747-400F. I know that the aircraft itself is not yet present in Infinite Flight but I hope in the near future it will be there so it is important for me even if Air France Cargo does not currently use this aircraft it deserves its place. And sincerely, isn’t it beautiful? Personally I love the style and the way they wrote the word “cargo”.

                             Presentation of Air France
                              Presentation of the B747
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The addition of the B747-400F to the simulator will be a dream come true. Long live the freighters. 🙂

Oh yes, especially a B747 with the wingflex!

I think just adding the -400F would be a good addition to the IF fleet. just in general. I like it!

Nice request. You have my support although I don’t have a spare vote as I’ve also voted for the 747 rework and a dedicated freighter version so hopefully this will come when either or both of these requests come to fruition :)

Thank you for the support ;)