Air France B777-200ER - (TNCM-LFPG)

Hello everyone ! This is my flight from St.Martin Island to Paris

  • Information:
    Duration: 7h24mn
    Seveur: Expert
    Plane: 777-200ER
    Livery: Air France

Departure (Runway 10) :

Cruise :

Landing (Runway 08L)

  • Thank you very much for seeing my flight! Have a good day !

Good pictures! Great route I would definitely recommend!

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Love the cruise picture landing at Runway 08L

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How long did that flight take? I would like to do that overnight

Its pronounced as St. Maarten


OK, thank you:)

Thanks all ! 🤗

Technically you’re both right, the entire island is called Saint Martin. The island is split into two countries, Saint-Martin (French) and Sint Maarten (Dutch). SXM is in the country Sint Maarten but it is also on the island of Saint Martin. Yeah, I know it’s confusing.