Air France B777-200er Crevette livery

Hi everyone
I propose to update the Air France livery on the Boeing 777-200er

F-GSPA is the very first Boeing 777 to enter the fleet in 1998, at 23 this unfortunate one is parked at Terminal 1 in Roissy and will probably not revol apart for its retirement

F-GSPA is the first B777-200er delivered to Air France in 1998

Photo by @Mickael (JetPhotos)

Air France started the retirement of the Boeing 777-200er in 2021 or as I write this thread F-GSPV, F-GSPS, F-GSPH and F-GSPR came out of the fleet, which is why I’m offering last tribute to these big birds, a last painting, that of the « crevette livery ». Two Boeing 777-200er are still at the time when I write this thread, repainted with this beautiful new livery, they are F-GSPP and F-GSPK

F-GSPS is the first B777-200er to leave the fleet on March 16th 2021

Photo by @Emmanuel NARGIL (JetPhotos)

I propose that F-GSPP be repainted on Infinite Flight with this new livery to keep track of this wonderful plane

F-GSPP is the first B777-200er repeint with the « crevette livery »

Photo by @orrico emmanuel (JetPhotos)

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