Air France | ATL-CDG | Boeing 777-200ER

Bienvenue IFC!
Quite an enjoyable flight. I’ve also started listening to the real engine sounds while taking off in IF using videos on YouTube, it really makes everything seem so much more realistic.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Air France 689 Heavy
Ladies and gentlemen, THE MIGHTY GE90s!!
Heavy takeoff from Atlanta

Climbing into the Georgia sky

Made it to cruise

Sunset over NYC

Tasty night cockpit

First signs of light appear on the horizon

Oh yeah

Flying past London

Final 26L

Buttery landing in l’aéroport de Paris

Merci! I hope y’all enjoyed!


That really is butter;) The 7th photo is my favourite!

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Just yes.


really like to see this one, if the size of the image in the zoom must be very good

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Wow, you really butter that, nice job!!

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Great photos as always @Jack_Q! Love your editing.

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I can confirm that you indeed had a butter landing yesterday alright! Happened to depart Paris for São Paulo as you landed into Paris! You can see yourself on one of the pics I posted on my recent post! Nonetheless Great Clicks!

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The 4th one is really incredible ! Congrats !

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Oh yeah I remember seeing you there!

Is that me?

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Btw the 772 has real engines sounds

@DanyyRude Yeah that’s true but infinite flight uses I think the PW4000s for all three of the engine variants (PW4000, Trent 800, and the GE90) and that’s unrealistic so I like to get the actual engine sounds when flying a 777 that’s Trent or GE.


Beautiful pictures! I never noticed the logo on Air France’s engines, what is it?

I think that’s the General Electric logo on the GE90, clearly the best engine variant on the 777 and the sound that should’ve been used on IF’s 777 instead of the PW4000.

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Nah, Rember mabey 2 or 1 month ago they posted a video of engines morphing, Diffrent kinds

Can I see a link please?

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Sure let me just find it that was alot of scrolling

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wait do they really use the PW4000 sound ? Always thought it was the GE90’s

Yep that is you indeed!

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If it is than it is way off in my opinion.

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