Air France and Porsche combine to break a Guinness world record

Watch the video, it’s pretty amazing that a normal family car can tow an A380


I’ve watched this video and some other videos of cars towing 747s. Pretty amazing. But that is expected out of a Porsche.


In this they broke the world record though! 🙂

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In the others they also broke the world record. This is the newest world record (breaking the record of cars towing 747s).


These can be the new aircraft towing vehicle for all commercial aircraft!


Its not amazing a car is towing it, it is amazing that the vehicle is completely stock as you’d find it if you or I bought one out of the showroom. Props to Porsche!


Meh, nothing much here to see. VW did it with a Touraeg R50, not surprising that a Cayenne S Diesel and a Turbo S could do the same. (Yes, the original car was a S Diesel and then they went to do it again, because they can) Besides, all you need is torque, short gears and ballast to pull a plane, once you get moving it’s just rolling resistance from the tyres plus the inertia helps you along as well.

If this guy can do it, why can’t a 4.8l TT Porsche do the same?

And as to the R50 tows 747- that was a stripped out 747 with the engines replaced with lighter ones to film a movie.

Porsche- until you pull a 250t metal block without wheels, I’m not impressed at your overpriced SUVs.
(Gladly take them used though once someone else has taken that depreciation hit 😉)


The R50 also had a weight in the back to balance it👍 I personally find it amazing that a tiny thing like that can pull an A380

It sure is amazing that an unmodified production car can tow the megabus A380, but I wouldn’t call a 4.2 litre V8 Porsche Cayenne S a “normal family car”!


Amazing, what a gorgeous plane and car :)

Maybe A380 airports could use these as replacements for pushback tugs (sarcasm)

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Good to see a German, and a French company getting together, and doing this. The actual pulling part was a bit short if you ask me.


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