Air France Airbus A350-900


Oh my God ! I love the Air France livery on the A350 so much to see it in real life! Whenever I see an Air France livery I can not live without it! Thank you for creating this topic you have my vote !


This topic has always my vote


Thank youuuu ! :)


You’re welcome dud !




The AF livery is the best 😍


Always the best !🤘


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Sinon, je continue à envoyer des messages sur ce topic le plus souvent possible pour qu’ils soit en haut de la page et que le plus grand nombre de gens voit ce sujet et puissent voter


Pure français ahahah ! Thank you for all !


✊🏼 French power 😂

Airbus A350+ AirFrance = best combo ever 🤩


The perfect assembly i think


Tbh, i would want this livery in IF. So there is a high chance it will happen due to new announcement of A350 development!


I really wish


Ahaha The best 🙌


Agree, they should put airfrance livery on the A330 and a340 and maybe a321 (that’s not a big priority because most of that the a321 are also flown by an a318, 19 or 20)


A330 of Air France is the bestttttttt🥰


Always the best ahaha




Ahahahaha 🙌🙌🙌!