Air France Airbus A350-900

                           Air France Airbus A350-900

Photo credit : Airbus

                              When, Where, Why?

-Air France has ordered 21 Airbus A350-900, the first to enter the final assembly in Toulouse and should be handed over to Air France in September.

-It would be really great to have this livery in Infinite Flight when the plane will be added. I personally love his style is quite simple but that shows all the French style!

                       Presentation of Air France company:
                         Presentation of the A350 plane:
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Air France-KLM VA Official Thread

Very nice livery! Any chance you know how many Air France have ordered of the top of your head?


They ordered 21 @Joseph007


Oh guess I didn’t see it 😅


I want to know why you’re not voting?


I am out of votes, but my support is strong for this!


I literally unvoted on something just so I can show my support and vote for this ;)


Thanks to you !


There is just something about Air France, I just love the airline and I think it is under represented for long hauls in Infinite Flight


the more I see the a350 the more i need it in my life


Totally agree with you!


OMG it’s real now for the A350, are you readyyyyy???


A350 confirmed WE DID IT !
Now, we are waiting for it and the AF livery


We all should vot fore it !! 👈

Please ! If you like the A350 and Airfrance, vote for this livery


I’m so eager to see the Air France A350 fly


Im very happy ❤️


@Johanes ou should thank me for the publicity, I asked the staff to vote, and thank you for publishing this.


@joslleymiguel_holand You’re welcome ! Ahah I like to contribute with this great community !


Lol yes @joslleymiguel_holand asked all the VA to vote …
And voted


Ahaha, It’s super nice of him to have done it.