Air France Airbus A330-203

It’s got Nothing to do with Air France livery tough.

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Yes Joe is right, let’s keep this thread on the Air France A332.

Don’t advertise it here though please ;) PM me if you want me to take a look at a topic.

Little bump.

Hopefully we will be able to get a full A330 rework soon after the 777 is done! I’m in love with the Air France livery!

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Maybe we can hope to see the -200 make it’s way into Infinite Flight in 2020!

I have a question, as you know air france has updated their livery on the A330 which now has the blue winglets and the Air France logo enlarged and then the Air France KLM logo changed. Do you think I need to make a new topic?

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Wow really?

Do you have an image?

Yes ! Look :


F-GZCD at Wuhan, China 😍


This livery is REALLY needed because Air France flies it a lot and I always have to use the generic livery for AFKLM.

It is needed. Too bad it’s not coming for a long time…

Well it will most likely be the rework after the 757

-200 series ain’t coming if the A330 gets voted. Only the -300.

I know something with an AF livery… its a narrow body though.

Yeah I switched my vote when I realized we had the 300 in game. I thought we had the 200. 😂

Why wouldn’t I vote for this beauty? Flying to ORD, and West Africa!!!

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