Air France Airbus A330-203


Air France A330-203 (F-GZCN)


Taken By Emmanuel NARGIL via

Air France is a French based airline in Paris, France. They have destinations all over the world with their A330-200s. I think this would be an amazing addition to the A330 Rework when we get this in the sim hopefully soon! This livery fits the A330-200 so well! I see this plane all the time on the way to Chicago O’Hare and I really want to fly this route with this aircraft in the sim!

This will be a beauty to fly when the rework comes to this plane! I hope everyone else loves this livery too!

Extra Infromation

I hope many people like this livery and want it just as bad as I do! So if you like it vote or drop a comment!



Nice request, you beat me to it…


Were you already making one?


Yes, it was a draft.


But it’s fine


I reserved a vote just for that


It’s a beautiful looking aircraft isn’t it?!


When it comes to rework I believe devs will add this, just beautiful


It’s amazing!


Hello hello I have more votes I will put aside a vote especially for him I hope it will be added.🙂


Thank you for the support!


I agree, but first the A330 rework. The plane flies terrible now


Hopefully it would come with the rework!


Great request but theirs an a330 rework and livery update request already if you want you can go vote for that. Great post.


Not for the Air France A332?

But thanks for the support!


Lil bumpy bump


Hit it with the vote!


Voted. Love this air frame and livery!


French made airline French made aircraft! Thanks for the vote!


Did someone say French?