Air France Airbus A321-200 (SkyTeam livery)


not my pic credits to Timothée Savouré we have a lack of skyteam liverys in infinite fligth and i think this is perfect for the A321 AF skyteaam is one of my favorite liverys hope to get this for global Link;

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Not my pic. Credits to: Timothée Savouré. We have a lack of skyteam liveries in Infinite Flight and I think this is perfect for the A321. Air France Skyteam is one of my favourite liveries. Hope to get this for Global.


Also - please add a little bit more substance


I think it would be better if you change it to this (Slightly updated from @Aussie_Wombat 's one 😊)

“This is not my picture. Credits to Timothée Savouré. I think this is a perfect livery for A321 as we don’t have many SkyTeam liveries in Infinite Flight. Air France’s SkyTeam livery is one of my favourite liveries. I hope to get this livery for Global.”

I’m sorry if it’s too long 😅. But, it’s up to you if you want to change this 😉. For link, you shouldn’t copy it from Google. Instead, you should go to the link where this picture gets featured 😉.


Any SkyTeam livery has my full support. Definitely need more SkyTeam liveries 😍


I don’t understand what more “substance” you need out of a livery request 🙄.

You either like it or you don’t, people shouldn’t have to provide a whole back story as to why they want it.


Nice idea. Would be nice to fly in an air France A321.

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Substance means more stuff basically. An opinion and some info about the request are important.