Air France Airbus A320 wingtips

There is no A320 in AF’s fleet with sharklets.

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That’s right, I’m sorry.

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Not at all. Air France has 3 A320 with Sharklets: F-HEPF, F-HEPG & F-HEPH.


Thanks @Rotate.

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The problem lies in the registration. IIRC, it was msntioned the plane doesn’t even exist.

Yes, this registration does not exist.

@Laurens - Does it really matter if the plane has Sharklets or not? I mean, FDS and all of their hard work have made this plane, its a brilliant model and the flight physics are amazing, Just be thankful that the plane has landed in the app! :)

  • Happy flying :)

It does to some of us, Laurens and myself included. Realism is very important and specific, and that includes regs and wingtip configs


Agreed, realism is important, very important, not forgetting this is a game for tablets, the best realism is held in FSX and X Plane, not forgetting the plane was released 24 hours ago for us iOS users, bugs are going to be fixed at some point.

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