Air France A380 Thoughts

In the near future I will be travelling from Manchester (UK) to Johannesburg via Paris CDG. Leg 1 will be operated by Flybe on an Embraer 195, followed by an Air France A380 for CDG - JNB. The routing is the same back, apart from I will return to CWL. I’ve been with Flybe many times before - but never the A380 with AF, so I need advice on what seats are best, either in Economy or Premium Economy - I’m not sure what I’m doing because it’s a paid-for trip by my parents’ company, but any thoughts on either product would be great.


Most A380s have really nice first class seats! Some of them even have private rooms. I definitely would recommend them. They are only about $15,000 more than economy:-)


My dad flew in premium economy on the LH a380 from EDDF to KSFO. He said that it was surprisingly good. He had some not so nice things to say about economy. However this is Lufthansa and not Air France.


A380 you should sitt att the back of the wing.

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Just ask for an upgrade the day of the flight :)

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Haha @jdag2004 will be in JNB ready to capture your arrival ! Any reason for coming down to SA ?


Go premium, A380 is the best, also, if you can, sit just behind/on-top of the wing :)

Premium economy window seat will be the best IMO. Air France has some of the best flight attendants in the sky, they’re very nice. Sassy too.

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Look at


You got what you pay for, so the quality of the seat will be better if you pay more.

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Seriously tell me the day and time. The A380’s usually fly over my house

Here’s a photo of one over my house


Personally, I’d say premium economy – it’s on the upper deck (awesome!) and is behind the business class seats… for window seats, 81A and 81L have a TON of space as an exit row seat, however the window can be a bit too far back for your liking. At the back of premium economy is seats 85A/85L, both of which are at the very back (this doesn’t reduce recline, though). They’re comfortable, however because it’s not an exit row seat, it may be harder to squeeze around your neighbour. If you’re more of an aisle guy, there are 4 aisle seats per row (when are there not on a widebody), and you have a maximum of one person making you get up and then sit back down every time they need to use the washroom.

Haha yes…only £14000 return for two. 😂

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Ok, but that still helps a little. 👍

Well, it will be a business trip for my Dad, but hopefullt I will be in a tournament there at the same time…

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@Aussie_Wombat yeah I’m trying to wangle it atm.

@Danman yeah I’ve heard that they’re pretty decent as well!

@jdag2004 ooh I think it arrives 11:10 on the 8th February, flight AF990.

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If PE happens - then the only row of two available is 84K/L so we’d probs take that

Do you think you can change it too a weekend flight? Ill be at school ;/

I would suggest PE if you can afford it, I heard AF’s economy is pretty bad. So it will be nice to pay the price higher rather than book it in Economy. Have a nice flight btw!

Can’t confirm, it’s actually quite good compared to other airlines.

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