Air France A380 has an engine disintegrate during mid-flight

Air France a380 flying Paris- Los Angeles in mid flight has a engine disintegrate! Passengers reacted with horror after the engine of an Air France plane from Paris to the USA disintegrated in the sky, forcing the aircraft into an emergency landing.
Here is a picture of what the engine looked like
Travellers described how everything seemed normal until the “shocking uncontained engine failure”.
Flight records show the Airbus A380 aircraft, travelling under flight number AF66, was diverted to Canada’s Goose Bay airport on its journey from Paris to Los Angeles. Can’t even imagine how everyone felt such a scary scene glad they are safe! Here are some Tweets and posts about what people said!

One traveller said on Twitter the engine had “blown over the Atlantic Ocean”, leading to the emergency landing in Canada.

Another, named Daniel McNeely, said: “I’m on board. One of our engines is slightly blown apart. Just glad to be on the ground.”

He later added, alongside a photo of the engine: “I think the engine has seen better days.”

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C’mon man, you’re a regular. Please add more information. What do you think? How do you think it happened? etc.


I was expecting the engine to be literally disintegrated, not just the front blown off. Still glad everyone was safe.


Airliners here says it was F-HPJE.

And for those of you wondering if this is a QF32 repeat, VH-OQA (the Qantas A380) had Rolls-Royce 900 engines while this one has Engine Alliance (GE + PW) GP7200s.


If you read the article one of the pictures has the engine at one point being held by only half the pylon.


Seems as though the A380 is in troubled waters.


Wow that looks scary

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I’d disagree on 2 reasons:

  1. The A380 has had 2 failures of this nature, when there are over 200 in service
  2. The failure are with engines, made by Rolls Royce, NOT Airbus. As much as I like RR these failures are with them. Another A380 engine option (GE) is available.

EDIT- Wrong engine type,

thanks @Amaanaj115


geez, good work by the flight crew, lets check out what air france aircraft maintenance hs to say
The Flight crew and Cabin crew have probably had better days :)

That’s pretty scary, reminds me of that Southwest engine explosion a while back.


I’ve heard about a lot of issues with a380s engines. Supposedly it’s been a big issue. Since it has happened to both engine types, maybe there is some aspect of the airbus a380s components that has been a common factor? Either way, I hope they can resolve it, no matter where the blame lies. A lot of lives could be lost in an a380 disaster.


The pw engines are the ones that exploded in this aircraft.

Hmm… that could’ve Hurt the wing and stabilizers badly. Glad everyone was safe.

Oh boy…


Kudos to the pilots and for those who are saying that ‘Airbus produces exploding engines’ should get their facts right. The engines of an aircraft are built by a separate company(in this case Engline Alliance) then later put on the aircraft I the assembly line in the Airbus factory.

Glad no one was hurt and I must say those pilots for sure are heroes.


I love RR however no other company has produced engines that cope like the engines that of an A380: unlike other company’s RR has had put in safety things that actually work and been put in place: despite the problems with engines,

The A380 has been in service for 10 years with over 200 aircraft flying.

Not a fatal accident

Only 2 accidents. Which everyone came out alive.

Plus this if it’s anyone’s is RRs fault, not airbus. Fact


These are not rr engines they are EA or engine alliance

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Air France has GP-Alliance engines so it’s not Roll Royce fault.

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These are GP-Alliance engines not RR :)

Glad everyone’s ok. But how did they get the passengers from Goose Bay to LAX?