Air France A350 to Singapore | LFPG-WSSS | A350-900

Hello everyone, here is some A359 action with the air france livery. I had to change altitude many times because of incoming traffic as you will see soon. Hope you like it :-)

Flight Info:

if you want some info

•Server: Expert
•Route: LFPG to WSSS
•Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
•Livery: Air France
•Flight Time: 11:17 hours
•Speed: Mach 0,87
•Altitude: FL310 - FL340 - FL360 - FL370 - FL380

at gate with a british A320 departing on the background

taking off from Paris

positive climb… gear up

incoming traffic passing 2000 feet down

moonshot with the sunrise crushing into the fuselage

“cleared runway 02C approach, Air France 822”

ethiopian A359 at gate during final approach

touching down

kissing the queen of the skies for a moment

Parked at gate with an A380 taxiing to runway 02L

See you soon, have a nice flight you all<3


Great moonshot ! 👏😃

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