Air france a350 to san diego

I flew the Air France Airbus a350 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to San Diego. The flight took around eleven hours long and our cruise speed was mach 0.85. We’ve used the step climb method, starting at fl360 and ending at fl430. We flew above France followed by the United Kingdom, Greenland, Canada and ending at the United States.

Information about this flight;

• Server: expert server
• Aircraft: Airbus a350-900
• Livery: Air France
• Route: LFPG-KSAN
• Callsign: Air France 350 Super
• Altitude: fl360 - fl380 - fl400 - fl430
• Speed: mach 0.85
• Flight time: 11 hours and 04 minutes



United Kingdom.

North Atlantic Ocean.






Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from New York JFK to Perth in the Delta Boeing 777-200LR.


Nice flying that route to San Diego. I’ll look forward to seeing those shots of you flying from JFK to Perth in the B777-200LR Delta Airlines

I’m out of like , I’ll like it later tho ahah

The arizona and descent shots are my fav, truly realistic and stunning😍

Thank you!

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Thank you!!!