Air France A350 MIA-CDG La Premiere Review

Hello everyone, so I had to go to Paris for a last minute business trip last night so I booked la premiere and went to the airport and my friend
@United403 went in the plane with me also in La Premiere

Let me chill in La Premiere in peace

Server: Expert
Aircraft And Livery: Air France A350
Route: MIA-CDG

My aircraft for today F-HYTA!

In my seat as we were awaiting pushback.

View of Miami as we took off.
snoring florida man noises

Good morning as we’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean, I decided to then fill out the customs form, nothing to declare.

Descending into the French countryside.

On final as I take in my final minutes in la premiere


At the gate with the tail of a Turkish airlines A330 popping up

Final view of aircraft with an Air Tahiti Nui coming from LAX.

Local planespotter spotted my landing

Now time to head to the heart of Paris and do my business!

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@Butter575 your friendly reminder

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek #10 legit looks real and not taken from a flight sim 🤩

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