Air France A340-300


The A340-300 is a long-range jet airliner produced by Airbus from 1993-2008. It can carry a crew of 8 and 440 passengers. It has a max range of 7,397 NM, a max speed of 494 knots and a service ceiling of 41,450 feet. This aircraft 63M long, has a height of 16M and a wing span of 60M. It has a MLW of 192,000KG, MTOW of 275,000KG and an empty weight of 181,000KG. During it’s 15 years of production, 217 were made.

Air France

Air France is an airline based in Paris, France. It was founded in 1933 and is still flying today. It is part of Skyteam and it’s subsidiaries are HOP!, Joon and Transavia France. It’s parent company is Air France-KLM and Air France by itself has 84,602 employees. With it’s revenue of 15,8 Billion Euros in 2017,212 aircraft and 202 destinations, “France is in the Air” for sure!

I hope this gets added to Infinite Flight!

If you would like this feature to be added, please vote, but if you’re out of votes, please refrain from telling me that I have your support! Thank you! :)

Credit: Fred Boureau.
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Thank You! (Especially @Levet)

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I got to fly on this Air France plane and it was amazing. I just don’t really see this becoming a reality unfortunately. We would first need the A340-300, and the A340 really is outdated and most people on the IFC want new and modern aircraft like the A350 and A330. Therefore pressuring FDS to rise up to these standards.

I don’t see this happening, but screw it I voted anyways.


With livery joon 🤩



I don’t see how it’s much of pressure. Every aircraft in infinite flight should be up to date or updated if not.

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I want this plane so badly, I would sacrifice a340-600 instead of a340-300


To me, it is truly a beauty of aviation and a Must-Have in Infinite Flight!

When they’re updating the A330, I think it would be stupid not to remodel the A340 as well. The A330 and A340 are very similar aircraft with the major difference being 2 extra engines on the A340.

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Such a Beauty to fly!



I WISHHHHHH 😭😭😭 i really love this livrery …

Got my vote, Air France and A340 are some of my favorite things.


Yay! Thank you! I hope this gets added!

Do you think this gets added with the a340 rework in the futuro?

I don’t know man, I don’t think a staff member would tell you that. You never know though…

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yass that would be cool. You got my vote. those hairdryers.

I love this aircraft 🤤

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I don’t like very much the A340 but I give a vote because I am an AirFrance fan


Does Air France still fly these beasts?


Yes, they do, but mostly under the name of JOON.

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