Air France A330-200 SEA-CDG (F-GZCK) Trip Report

Hello, IFC,

Here is my first trip report, I took an Air France flight from SEA-CDG in economy:

Aircraft: A330-200
Airline: Air France
Cabin: Economy
Flight Time: 10:15
Altitude: 40,500 feet
Airports: SEA-CDG

The Seat:

The seat was very old, it was made out of cloth and still had an ashtray in the armrest. The leg room was OK but I had a heating vent that took up lots of legroom and I was unable to recline. The screen in front was small and had low graphic quality and the seat was pretty dirty. I would give this a 2/5.

The Crew:
The Crew were very kind, they were polite, often came to my seat and would refill my cup without me having to ask for it. When the crew noticed that I was a photographer and aviation enthusiast, they let me into the Cockpit and helped me take photos of the northern lights out the window by turning off all the cabin lights! They also game (only) me a first class amenities kit even though I was in economy :) The crew is a 5/5 for sure!

The Cabin:
The cabin was tight, old, very noisy, stinky, dirty, old, stinky, noisy, old and most of all: It had no A/C…
There is not much more I can say about this cabin except for the fact that it’s at least 37 years old (ashtrays in armrests). I would give the cabin a 1.5 / 5…

The food:
The crew handed us dinner and a breakfast. The dinner was very good, it included Pasta, quinoa salad, bread, cheese, Tiramisu and a Kinder Bueno for me because I liked planes and they noticed it :)

The Breakfast was NASTY! It included a yoghurt, “Fruit Kubes” in juice and jam. The yoghurt was sour and watery and the fruit was expired.

The Trip:
The trip was smooth, long and was mostly a night trip.
Here are the Northern Lights:

Can someone edit these to make them better?

How good was my first trip report?

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Thank You!

Hey, @SimpleWaffles, this was my airplane snack :)

Simple enough?


How can I make this better?

Sounds like you had a good experience!! Did you visit the cockpit?

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To make this better, I would suggest to get a picture of your aircraft. You could also start at the checkin counter. Make sort of a summary of your experience. Beginning of the flight, middle and end.


In flight visit!?!

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Great description 👍


Nice, honest trip report 🙂


Kinder Bueno must of been the best part of the meal lol
Nice trip report 10/10!

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Out of respect i’ll edit my post, but i’m not quite sure a few amigos chatting on an online forum could not do anything to harm a crew. I understand though, and better safe than sorry 🙂

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Touched up your photo a little bit in Lightroom.

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I’ve visited a flight deck for landing.
It is ok to tell your friends, but it is probably best to not share with photos online!
Good report 👍

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I loved the report. maybe next time include check in. Other than that, great! :)

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