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Air France flight 1842 - Paris [LFPG] - Geneva [LSGG]

Hey everyone! The other day I took a nice flight from the capital city of France, over to the one of the largest financial hubs in the world! With the massive airport or Paris Charlie De Gaulle International providing homage to my trusty a320, I got to take a look at a lot of awesome departures and arrivals whilst waiting for takeoff! With a range of aircraft available on this route (A318, A220, A319, A320 and A321), I chose to go with the trusty A320 for this flight! I hope you enjoy these shots I got from the flight!

  • Caught a shot of this amazing 777 departure whilst taxiing over to the runway - my favourite plane!

  • A little bit of pre-departure spotting with a Lufty cargo B77F touching down on 8R as an A350-900 with Air France begins its takeoff roll on 8L!

  • Off we go! A lovely rotation at around 143knts, and we’re off to Geneva! Keeping centreline, and maintaining a sweet rate of climb, what better way to begin the 47 minute countdown to touchdown!

  • Here we are banking into left downwind at Geneva! With the city to our left - with the alps in the background - and the hills to our right, Geneva has to be one of the most beautiful approaches out there!

  • Speaking of those alps… A lovely window shot taken just before turning base! With the alps and the rising sun in the background with the city engulfed by terrain, I repeat again, this is one of the nicest approaches out there!

  • Finally! After around 48 minutes of flight time, we touch down in Geneva with a decent fpm of around -138fpm! With the spoilers flared and reverse thrusters out, we can slowly begin our taxi back to the gate!

  • Last but not least, I managed to catch this Swiss A220 rocketing its way out of the airport - heading to Paris back where we came!

That’s all folks!

Thank you all for checking out this post, I hope you liked my photos! I’ll leave the flight info below for anyone who’s interested!

Cruise: FL270 [27,000ft]
Cruise Speed: 280knts
Flight Time: 48 minutes
Server: Expert Server


Happy to see some love for my home airport


Fantastic shots as always! The mountains are so pretty!!

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Which one, Paris or Geneva?

Thank you sm bro! :)

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Geneva for sure ☑️

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Awesome, that must be awesome living/being from there!

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Looks awesome!

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Thanks man! :)

Great shots! I might fly this flight in the future.

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Thanks! I would hitghly recommend it - especially when LFPG is busy!

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