Air France A320-111 (Old Livery)

Hi everyone, It would be nice to have an old livery of Air France in Infinite Flight, because I thinks this livery is better than the new one and there only the old livery in the DC-10 and the 767.😀

Photo credits to Guillaume Besnard

Plane registration: F-GGEE

About Air France:

About the Airbus A320 family:

The retro feeling gives me some memories after seeing them in my home airport. 😏

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There isn’t really a difference.

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This is the new livery.
Photo credit to Alexander Listopad

Cough Air France cargo

Don’t forget to vote for your own request. :)

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I voted 5-7 days ago, and I revoted. :)

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What is your opinion in the old livery of Air France ? :-)

Also, please see the difference between the old and the new livery. ;)
New livery:


Old livery:


Actually, the old livery is in IF; on the 767 and the DC-10

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Sorry, I completely forgotten about the DC-10 and the 767. :)

Remember the A320-111 doesn’t have winglets so IF would have to make that first.

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You mean sharklets ?

No, the typical Airbus winglets(also called wingtip fences) are not present on the A320-100

Sharklets are for Airbus.
Winglets are for Boeing.😊

Also yes, the sharklets are not present on the a320-111.

Look the police fond between the old and the new livery, also the tail. :)

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That’s not quite right, Sharklets only really refer to the newer type of winglet found on newer Airbus Aircraft (retrofitted A320 family, the A320NEO, the A330NEO and the A350), the word winglet is not exclusive to any aircraft manufacturer, so an A330-300 still has a winglet, an Embraer E-190 also has a winglet. The old split winglets on the A320 are called wigntip fences, and the newer ones are called sharklets but a sharklet is still a type of winglet.
The a320-111 has neither Screenshot_20190802-205854

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