Air France A319 LFPG-EHAM Trip Report! Love Is In The Air! ...Kinda

Hello, IFC,

Today, I flew 2 planes to get from CDG (Paris) to SEA (Seattle)
The first hop (this one) was a 40-minute flight from Paris to Amsterdam, where I was able to fly on the Delta A330-900NEO, but that’s another trip report :)

This trip starts in downtown Paris at 4AM. I put on my mask, and hop into a cab that will take me to the airport. The highway is empty, and I was slightly on the late side, so I asked the driver to get me there ASAP.
I did not, however, anticipate his next move. He SLAMMED the gas and flashed down the highway (still legal speeds though :)

At one point, I heard the GPS announce V1V2
I panicked and told the driver to slow down, as the front wheels came back down
just kidding :)

I arrived at the terminal, which was EMPTY.

Very Empty

After sticking 987654345678 bag tags to my luggage I started being screamed at by a tired french woman because my luggage was “too big to be on the plane so I would have to split the weight between 2 bags”… french Karen intensifies


After TSA, I walked through the airport to find my plane. It was a cute little AF A319.
Photo Credit @Kamryn

After chilling in the gate area and eating a bunch of croissants from PAUL, It was time to board.

I walked down the jetway and as usual, slapped the cold fuselage with my hand.

As I entered the plane, I immediately noticed something. The plane was showing it’s age… or it’s lack of care. It smelled like cheez-itz and my seat’s traytable/cupholder was broken. My seat looked like wood and felt like wood but it was fine, as it was a very short flight.

My seat for this short hop.

May I be brutally honest?

The legroom was garbage and I’m only 185cm (or for you Americans, 2 pepperoni pineapple pizzas and a bigmac stacked on top of each other.)

We taxiied for a little while, then had a very uneventful takeoff. As we poked through the 8765435678 layers of clouds above Paris, the sunrise became visible and I took some pictures.

As we reached our cruising altitude, staff came and gave me sugared water with egg yolk that they called “luxurious french orange juice” but it was welcome, as I needed sugar to operate at that time.


As soon as I finished my watery orange, the pilot started the initial and final descent into AMS. I was able to see the port, and the airport, and a very large windmill.

BTW here is some advertising for the IFC :)

finger reveal

The plane buttered at AMS, but unfortunately my phone had no more storage so I was unable to film (and my camera isnt good at filming).
If anyone here wants to give me a phone with more than only 16GB of space, I would love that!


We taxiied for a looong while at AMS, and I saw an A380 and 747 (TAPS)

We finally parked and I deboarded, leaving the filthy babybus and snapping a quick blurry picture of the cockpit on the way!

Once we deboarded, I headed towards gate E20, where the factory-fresh A330-NEO patiently waited for me, but that’s for another trip report!

Thank you!

Stay safe!

Wear a mask!!!


Karen mode: on

Anyways, nice photos!

Thank you!!!

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This was a really cool read! Not only did I get insight into what it’s like to fly Air France during the pandemic, but I found it comical at the same time! Cool trip report and I can’t wait to see your flight report on that A330-NEO!

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That’s like 6 feet! Of course you felt cramped!

Kinda strange it smelled like cheez-itz, I’d actually be pretty concerned. They should be sanitizing the plane pretty often considering the pandemic, and usually sanitizing products smell pretty good. This was an interesting read.





The people that pat you down and save the toothpaste from the dark depths of the bottom of your bag


My grandmother just yelled at me from across the house asking why I was laughing 😂


At least I made somebody laugh XD


looks like air france went all out for the leg room

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It’s spirit but the slogan is “more money, less go”

i love getting my legs squished!

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I’m glad the context is here to make that less weird XD

All jokes aside, it wasn’t that bad…

Only my shins kinda hurt after thats it

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Great review! Safe to say that AF is declining in quality unfortunately…

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At least the crew didnt decline in quality, they were very nice :)

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Who’s Karen?

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