Air France A310

What’s up IFC! Today I am here to request the A310 flown by Air France! It was used between 1984 through 1991. I just wanted to request this because I love it’s livery fit on the plane, and the fact that it looks like a tiny A330! But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours? But just remember, every vote counts!😊 Also just wanting this to be saved for the addition of the A310! (Obviously)


I would vote but am out of votes.

Well I mean we don’t have the A310, but it would be nice. I’d rather see more GA aircraft though.


@pidge This is not a place to request stuff. In your case, GA aircraft.

For the topic: Hopefully this gets added when the A310 comes out.

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You interpreted my post wrong: I’m not requesting GA aircraft, I’m just saying I’d rather have GA aircraft than the A310.

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This isn’t a post about GA aircraft tho. This is a post about the A310. Try to keep the discussion more directed towards that. Thanks :)


Noice, out of all Airbus aircraft, we still don’t have the A310 and A300, it is 2018…

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I‘m sure older planes like the A300, A310, B707 and B727 will be added but we have to wait patient. The devs are working hard to release only the best quality content.

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