Air France A220 livery

Hey guys, hope y’all good.

I just saw something hilarious, the A220 the newest aircraft on the sim can’t have an AF livery being done right, I seriously don’t know why this is happening many times, the Air France lines on the rudder are completely messed up one more time.

Hope it gets fixed, I was so excited to fly the AF A220.



I’m pretty sure the colors appear differently based on the position of the sun and time of day. I don’t see any major discrepancies here to be honest.


I am sorry but I see nothing wrong with it. Like Levet said different times of the day can change how it looks.


I see nothing wrong, maybe it depends on the time of the day or if there are clouds or not.

A more fair comparison i think, full daylight. You peeps be the judge.



Can’t believe you guys can’t see the difference 😑


Pretty sure it’s just the lighting. Sunset can make colors seem blander

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On your screenshots i can. But you’ve taken the real life one from full daylight in the summer and the one from Infinite Flight is like winter daylight/afternoon. That colors are represented differently depending on light conditions are expected.

Which is why i grabbed my own shots for a more fair comparison :)


I think he’s not necessarily referring to the colors themselves, rather the size of the “stripes” I guess


Finally someone is right, I’m talking about the lines.

Personally, the problem that I saw too in your comparison is the red stripe size ^^. IRL it’s not that thin


Next time, mention the line size instead of talking about colours. Quite hard to understand you were referring to the size when you never mentioned it :)

But yep, red one looks to be slightly too narrow. Guess we’ll have to remove Infinite Flight from the stores now.

It’s been a nice run, people!


My mistake I admit it, but lets keep going.

The lines are bad placed, oh wait not only the A220

The 777-200ER AF has also bad placed lines, now the A220, and AF is not the only livery that has some issues, but that’s another thing.

Just hope this small detail is fixed 😉🙂


I have to agree, it’s such a small, insignificant detail but honestly it makes the aircraft unflyable.

It’s almost shameful to see it on public servers with such an obvious issue, I mean what on earth were the developers thinking when they accidentally made this mistake? In fact, it’s so obvious that only 1 person on this thread noticed!

Of course I’m sat in the cockpit whilst flying, so I can’t actually see it, but it’s the principle.

Going to have to uninstall the simulator now.


With that and the bigger fonts, I’m seriously done with this sim…IF staff, expect a call from my lawyer soon. I could seriously do better in MS Paint for goodness sake.


Okay your sarcasm is getting me really mad, so I’ll leave it like this.

Instead of only saying “we’ll fix this or, thx for the report”, you decide to act like children.

I tried many times to make small corrections to the liveries in order to fully enjoy them and make them as accurate as possible.

Thx everyone, this can be closed if u want.

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I believe that you’ve been given this response for some of your other complaints, and even then, you still weren’t satisfied? Take, for example, all these topics that you created over issues with the 777 model wing and rudder.

Why the rudder of the 777 doesn’t fully deflect?

Issue with the 777 wings

Issues not fixed

777 rudder animation

777 rudder animation not fixed!

I’m sorry, but at this point, it’s just straight up ridiculous. You’re asking for staff to acknowledge issues and attempt to address said issues, but when they do, you don’t stop making these topics until they are up to your “realistic” standard. It’s a simulator, you can’t expect every last pixel to be perfect - not even the best PC simulators aren’t and shouldn’t be held to that standard. Every time you make one of these topics, a staff member has addressed it, but you still feel the urge to fight back until you get what you want.

That’s fine, but it’s quite difficult for anyone to address anything when the original post lacks concrete information and data to be able to determine what’s wrong. as well as the fact that when staff responds to your topic, you respond with the following:

Case in point. You don’t like the response(s) that you get, then lash out. That’s certainly a great way for a) people to hear you out, and b) people to take your complaints seriously.

I think it’s safe to say that me and @Dan_77 aren’t the only ones acting like “children”. If your realism standard is quite literally the exact same as the real world, this is not the simulator for you. As much as you may complain about these minor livery issues, I have reason to believe that they won’t be fixed via same-day shipping or even at all for the foreseeable future. The fact of the matter is, fixing minor details on a livery isn’t high on the priority list for IF’s developers, and honestly, for an issue so minor, I probably wouldn’t waste time getting worked up trying to go after Seb to fix it.

Agree to disagree. Au revoir.


Facts were spilled by Q-enan and the creator of that topic , not surprisingly those who endorse disrespect in that way (hidden in « jokes ») were masked months ago. Harassment isn’t funny.

Thanks for that report mate @bvv_19s ! It’s about freedom of speech, you just tried to help. It’s not critism to the work which has been done, just a report as I said.

He wasn’t trying to bother anyone but anyways.

Not everyone can be aware that these type of reports are supposed to be considered as something which isn’t a priority.


Don’t feel discouraged to make topics mate, they’re mocking you but your requests represent how much you really care for the sim. And I do too.

This kind of intimidation is utterly uncool that’s why I wanted to express myself, hopefully the mods can recognise that and help make this place welcoming to every opinion.


Thanks for the report! Happy holidays 😊🎄