Air France 787-10

Why is Air France on the 787-10 when Air France only has 14 orders for the -9 variant?


Infinite Flight lives in the future


Tish. Why did you move it To support

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Felt it belonged there. My mistake


It’s fine it’s just I think it was more of a question then a support I’m having problem topic anyways my answer to your question would be that the devolpers decided to think ahead and go ahead and put the air France livery on the -10


Plus, some would say it has the best callsign in the Infinite Flight Fleet


I understand that the rest of the liveries were put in because those airlines had orders for the -10, but Air France only has orders for the -9.

Does the FDS livery exist IRL?


That’s different. I’m talking about commercial aircraft and airlines. Transaero had orders for the A380 and that’s probably why it was put in. Air Austral had orders for the A380 but cancelled them recently after the livery was added in the game. Air France never had any orders for the 787-10, only KLM. Air France only has a 787-9 order.

No, I don’t think it’s different at all.

It’s a game, ladies and gentlemen.

IRL, my throttle doesn’t cut out 10 miles outside a region.

IRL, you’d destroy a 777 taking it to M1.5.

IRL, we have more than 4 stages of day to fly in and weather.

IRL, most people won’t get close enough to Air Force One to take a photo of it, much less commandeer it.

It’s a game, not reality.

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Laura said because it’s awesome they’ll add it on instagram.

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lol wtf true

Simulator, not game, but I completely get your point!

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