Air France 787-10 Preview Image as Aeroflot 777-300ER

It was a light bug, I went to a different aircraft and went back to the 787-10 and it’s fine now, might happen with others. iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 5s

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I don’t have this issue. Try tapping Air France again.

iPad Air 2 128 GB
iOS 10 Public Beta 3
Version (16.06.0)

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Try clicking it again, is usually happens to me after I view another airplane.

I tapped it again, I edited into the post. I basically figured it out myself 😅

Yeah sometimes this stuff gets trippy :)

The images are downloaded asynchronously, so that the user interface doesn’t freeze when you select different airplanes. Because images can take a little while to load, if you tap quickly enough you’ll be able to select a different airplane in the menu, and the image for the previously selected airplane/livery will pop up instead. If you wait a few seconds it usually resets to the one you actually have selected.


Try selecting a different aircraft, then go back to it again, or restart everything and try again later. It should sort itself out. :)


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