Air France 77W Departure Beta 20.2

So I tried the beta like hours ago and finished the flight in it I though I would love to try the new 77W or 77L and F so I choose the New Air France one and the during departure looked pretty nice I thought I will share


Hope you enjoyed the beta so far and also look for some bugs and crashes and good luck with the beta


How can I get the locked free camera?

Anyway nice bro


Awesome shots! Its a shame they didn’t keep our beloved SkyTeam livery!

I plan on flying the beauty soon


Yea atleast I flown the sky team livery

Also I recommend you fly from CDG-HKG

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I love Air France so much, very nice job @GameBoy_KIRB!

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Great pictures mate! Hope you had some fun trying it out :)

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Awesome pictures! To bad the SkyTeam livery was removed!


Yea and sadly not coming back soon :/ or maybe it could if the deal since they both add the old and new american airlines livery on the 772

@Fung_Sum-sum go for the fre cam section and you might see the options
@ShaneAviation same
@Sharan.Somayaji yep I did tried it out without any issues execpt for some lag happening when starting the flight but no worry’s it might be packed for some time

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