Air France 777-300ER


I definitely prefer this one, especially with the Air France logo on the tail.


I saw this plane recently in CDG airport. What a beautiful aircraft and livery to look at. It’s so clean and bright with the reflection of the sun on the white paint. Hopefully it will come soon :)


I’ve said this before in another post. Please don’t request for liveries that do already exist. There are many liveries that belong to Air France. There are so many other liveries that need to be added to infinite flight that even don’t exist. Wait until more liveries are added and then request yours.
But I should say the livery look nice!


We actually don’t have this livery btw…

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What I’m saying is that, air france has liveries on IF. But so many other airlines don’t have even one livery on IF. Let’s add those first.


It doesn’t exist. Open Infinite Flight then you’ll see there is no AF “normal” livery B777-300ER (Skyteam Version only).

Because they have a large fleet and it is a big airline aswell.

No. It is FDS’s decision in the end to decide which livery has be to be added first before others not you.

I am glad you like it :)


Like I said in other posts, we all have our own opinions! Whether it be yours or mine, FDS has final decision on what’s added


I’m not protesting against it. But I would love it more if more liveries of other airlines could’ve been added to IF first.
Yes I agree. Everyone has different opinions and I respect yours.
Cheers ;)


Hope this livery come to IF in the next update


Let’s go for this you have my vote!


We need this, I don’t like to current with black color


O M G it’s m’y dream

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I hope it will come out when the 777 rework will be out too


Refresh this amazing livery !👌

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Who likes the company uses the colors of it I do not like the skyteam but also I am not against.
But I prefer everything in the color of the company, in my case Air France.

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